Can we please get rid of "% stamina needed to start rolling" on Bob?


So lets start this one with small history lesson for new players.
Back in April 2015 after his release Behemoth could constantly spam his traversal followed by melee attack to completly stun-lock and deal horrifying damage to anything that he could reach.
It got “fixed” later by adding cooldown on Heavy attacks, reducing stun-lock time aaaaaaand adding Stamina consumption
at start of his roll.
This mean every time you press Space to start rolling it will use a small chunk of your Stamina bar to initiate roll.

This wasn’t that much of a problem before but now in Evolve Stage 2 with all those changes to maps and spawns…

-Wildlife spawns were changed so now instead of 1, 2 maybe 3 huge spawn points we have small groups of Wildlife everywhere on the map. This isn’t a problem for other Monsters but for poor Bob…
Basically every time he wants to eat something he must stop his roll, eat and then Initiate it again losing something around 10% of his Stamina Bar.
Repeat it 4-5 times and you’re out of stamina without even covering that much of a distance.

-Everyone who plays Behemoth knows about “pinball” glitch when he starts spinning around, rolling backwards, gets stuck on even smalles ledges and that the only way to fix it is Unroll and roll again.
And again, say bye to huge chunk of your Stamina Bar.

-Same about climbing, every time you need to initiate roll again losing Stamina.

-IMO thats why its so hard to escape good Hunters as Bob, because you’re wasting so much Stamina without even noticing it.

But thats only my opinion so I would love to know Yours.
(If this thing is unreadeable sorry but its early morning)


I think, when they introduced this, it was to stop this exploit people did. They would just mash the spacebar and spam the roll, which would do its initial damage per hit rapidly, multiple times a second, and continuously knockback and damage a hunter. It was considered really OP, and I know there are videos of it floating around.


Bob is currently under “review”, new players can’t even access him because of this. Only people who already purchased him in the past have access to him.

So I wouldn’t complain about Bob just yet, they are going to make alot of changes i’m guessing in a little while.


I think TRS is going to change bob’s kit entirely , not so sure when.


I believe they do this because Behemoth takes reduced damage from projectiles whilst in BALL form or being shot in the back. Its about 50% I believe.

Cabots railgun was hitting 66 or 77 (Either of those cant remember) Instead of the normal 154 or so.

If you could just spam it you could negate damage all through the fight. Would be incredibly broken.


#Fuck that glitch