Can we please get a longer penalty for leavers?


I main monster, and I haven’t been able to play through a single game in days without the hunters leaving on me. It’s ridiculous.

I play multiplayer because I want to play against humans, not against bots. There should really be a stronger penalty for abandoning a game. It hurts the hunter team and it completely removes the fun out of the game for monsters.


A time punishment won’t do much unless it’s extreme and it shouldn’t be that way. They get a loss for it if the game already started so let them deal with it.


It’s tough… They’re leaving because they’re not having fun.

Imposing penalties for leaving works great for ranked matchmaking, but for casual, it’s a pretty awful idea I think.

For the penalty to work, you need to make the penalty more painful and severe than it is boring and frustrating to stay in a game that you aren’t enjoying. You’d need to make the penalty pretty harsh.

This sucks for casual play. If people are forced to choose between two awful options, leaving and getting a penalty vs staying and being bored/frustrated, they’re realistically just going to say “fuck it” and take the third option: stop playing. That sorta penalty system would also affect people who crash, timeout, or just lose internet.

There’s no simple answer here. :-/


Longer penalties would lead to people dropping this game.

I agree, 1 minute is a joke and adds nothing positive or changes anything. Even if you would use longer penalties there are always ways to avoid the penalty completely.

e.g. On PS4 you can simply hit the PS button on the controller, quit and restart the game. Takes about
50 seconds until you’re in multiplayer again searching for another game.

Totally true what the post above says, there really is no simple solution, and don’t think that everybody
cares about statistics. Without the intention to step on anybodys toes, my personal opinion is that leaderboards are only for children and losers.


Sure there is.

Track how many times they abandon, increase the penalty every time they do it within X amount of time… maybe every 30 minutes

1 minute > 5 minutes >10 minutes > 30 minutes

Say, I abandon one match at 12:00 and get a 1 minute cooldown. I abandon another one at 12:30, cooldown bumps up to 5 minutes. I abandon again at 13:00 and it goes up to 10 minutes, etc. etc.

Every 30 minutes you go without abandoning the cooldown drops a tier, including when you’re offline.

Other games use a harsher version of this system, and this would really only punish serial leavers or people who abandon lobbies repeatedly


This is silly, taking a loss isn’t a penalty. Who gives a shit about the leaderboards? It’s not really reflective of anything other than time spent playing that role, unless the leaderboards have received a serious overhaul recently


Valid point.


Can we please get proper matchmaking? Because if this broken ass shit punishes me for leaving games where I play with two bots, my last choice, everyone on two strikes and a stalling monster that keeps the one human retard alive all the time, I don’t want to wait forever to actually play the game, y’know?


What we really need is a ten minute penalty for the dicks that leave the second they die. Making you join mid game where you have to wait two minute to take over the bot.


Uh, no.

If I join a game as a hunter in progress, stick around even though the team sucks, then don’t get monster next game and back out rather than play with that shit hunter team again, I don’t think a penalty longer than a minute is justified.

And stacking penalties sucks too. What if my next attempt at a game after that is a game where I drop in as hunter and fall through the map? I get a 5 minute wait?

Eh, no.


when i see a monster abusing buffs i leave… and i dont give a fuck that the monster doesnt have much fun playing against bots


Once we get a ranked mode then we can talk about longer penaltys for leaving.


I hate people who abandon the match too, but I really don’t appreciate being the person who gets dropped into a terrible match and then gets penalized for leaving. I mean, I still get the timer. So, I’m assuming it doesn’t see me any differently than the people who started the match.


A longer penalty would be annoying because sometimes it’s nearly impossible to get the role you want


Abusing buffs?


To OP: Were you picking Kraken? If so, then that explains everything.

Also, increasing the punishment would only make it worse in my opinion. Instead people leaving they’ll just go afk in game.


A lot of people are probably just losing connection. Happens to me about 30% of the time


A totally reasonable solution. And as you’ve accurately stated, a proven one. DOTA2 uses it to great effectiveness. But that’s only applied to ranked matches. Makes sense there.

But there also needs be a Normal (unranked) system that doesn’t impose these penalities for casual players.

I’m not sure what a good solution for Evolve would look like.


Well currently you’d need systems to encourage players playing more, not punishing them. If you punish a really low playerbase even more, you’ll play soon alone . With bots. Forever.

Evolve needs some positive aspects to hold the players in a game that they want to play, if you frustrate a player even more, he’ll just completely leave the game.


nope, i play goliath and wraith and i don’t do the whole “flee till 3” thing, I usually engage as soon as i have full armor at stage 1