Can we please end cheese wins?

By cheese wins I mean hunters cloaking and running away until timer ends, which ends even if you are attacking the relay. First off its cheesy, second off it by no means would be a “victory” in the game world. The monster would just continue to destroy the relay when you left. Its very annoying for a close back and forth match for hunters to be like oh lets cloak and run only a couple mins left so we can auto win!


Is the hard cap for the timer 20 or 30 minutes? In either case you should maybe try start changes to have those game ending standoffs with a good amount of time left on the clock-move quickly and attack early and often :wink:


You do realize that in very close, frequent fight games it can still go near max time right? Not every game ends in 10 mins. The point is, its a cheesy tactic that makes zero sense as being a win. Even a small change would suffice, if the monster is attacking the relay, the timer pauses for a short amount of time. Hunters can still do their cloak and run nonsense but it doesn’t leave the monster with no choice but a loss due to it even if he is attacking the goal.

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I was asking bc I think the timer goes past 20 man.

Sorry for the offense were there any :wink:

40 mins is max.

and the timer stops if ure hitting the relay

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I thought is was 40 not counting pauses so 40+ min should be enough to hunt down that last asshole and get the win, maybe not every time but enough times :slight_smile:

No offense at all.

@fav Not at all times. It keeps counting down regardless in some cases, hence its a “tactic”. Watch some notable evolve streamers and you’ll see even them use it.

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It’s a legitimate tactic. If you simply cannot counter it then you got out-played and they deserve the win. It’s just that most people will be using this tactic if it’s possible, more now than ever because people are worried about their rank.

Glad I wasn’t taken rude I think I misunderstood what you had meant but I know now what you mean maybe; when you are trashing a team (maybe even for the second time that match) and one of them runs/hides and only pips in to get you off relay?

The frequency of this has spiked for certain!

I can almost always find that last guy though but when I can’t that is a frustrating situation but it sorta has to have one side lose at the timers end I don’t think it could be a draw or the teams would both sit back/run+hide too much.

If the monster can run away to re-shield, the hunters can run away to escape, too. Seems fair to me.


Only you can stop cheese wins.
:cheese: No cheese. :frowning:

There is a difference there, the monster is knowingly sacrificing timer to re-shield. However when hunters team cloak and run or single cloak and run, they win. Monster doesn’t auto win while they are out shielding up.

I’m not asking for something game changing, at the very least, attacking the relay should halt the timer no matter what time it is at.

The monster can smell, and has a chance to follow them. Use your skills.

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As a monster player, why/how are you even letting these games stretch that long anyway? The only times I’ve experienced games stretch that far are against the running Wraiths. Which, I’m guessing, is what you are?

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Playing over 500h I have never ever encountered situation in which support was invincible. If you are monster just stage up and destroy relay. Without support’s assist they are easier target, and you can do this within 17 min. If you are running out of time it’s your fault. If he prevents your relay smashing just smell and watch, you will spot him and his projectile trail and quickly chase, monster is always faster. Moreover, cloak isn’t powerful, I can easily predict cloaked hunter, spam aoe abilities and melee. Jetpacking hunter will leave clearly visible jet traces and many hunters have no idea when they are jetpacking when cloaked monster can see them. Please, support cannot hide forever.

When monster decimates team last hunter should escape and take chances again later. I sometimes even let them do it, they already got strikes. Just stage up, build armor and go for realy and finish them there.

The timer stops if you attack the relay. If not, then you should record a video and post it in the bug section.

So if the hunters run away, you can destroy the relay. If they are close enough to shoot you off the relay, then they are also close enough for you to hunt and kill them. There are maps where this is difficult (aviary or wraith trap for example) because hunters can shoot the relay from several directions and from far away, but on most maps the timer is not a problem for good monsters.

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This is why assumptions are bad. I am a goliath main. I’m not “letting” the games stretch that long. It happens on occasion, not every single game nor does it happen the majority. There are games that end up close as hell and stretch. Instead of trying to find ways to blame me, can you at least discuss the merit of the issue? Instead of oh the monster must be wraith or oh It must be my fault. There are VERY good players that use the same tactic and it has nothing at all to do with the choice of monster.

That’s on you then, why is it so bad for hunters to run away when you run for 95% of the game? It’s only fair


Yeah, this is cowardly, I’m all against it. I know I wouldn’t do it as a player, not as hunter nor as monster.

Edit: People hated Wraith to be sneaky and running away at hiding. This is the same.

Excuse me I’ll see myself out, I forgot how impossible it is to discuss a legitimate issue on its’ merits and hear disagreements and agreements from both sides. Instead it will always devolve into “You must be bad”, or “you must be wraith” in order to keep the status quo in a place where monster mains are the minority.

Thank you for everyone who did comment sensibly and I do want to clear up the misconception people have. The timer does NOT stop when attacking relay in the last few minutes of the game. This is why the strategy exist.

In closing all I was asking for is the timer always stop when you are attacking an objective. If a monster is doing one of the 2 things hes supposed to do, attacking relay or attacking hunters, the timer should stop, regardless.

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