Can we please balance evacuation?


This mode is so unbalanced hence why so many people avoid it. Things that need fixing:

-Monster has 1 vote, hunters have 4, a monster never gets a choice. Please alternate between teams each round. So 2 monster picks, 2 hunter picks and defend.

-Rescue, is a joke with laz especially. We have to engage at level one because it begins immediately. That makes it very one sided. Then comes laz with unlimited revives and its just ridiculous. Now we not only have to fight hunters, but we have to fight rescued folks with guns, multiple of them, all the while laz is spam reviving and we are level 1 unless we picked feeding speed and sacrificed going to the first group entirely. Its just completely one sided. Yes I’ve won as a monster but only if the hunters don’t pick laz or make huge stupid mistakes. There needs to be some sort of delay or starting monster level 2, or survivors shouldn’t shoot or something to not make it ridiculous.

-Evac as a whole, monster winning 4 games and then the stupid auto balance buff making it heavily hunter favored is absurd, by its nature defend is already heavily hunter favored. From the completely enclosed spaces on some maps, to the minions that are typically dead before they get there. Autobalance is a problem, running out of food is a problem for the monster. I run out of food frequently, wildlife respawns need to be looked into.

-Nest-don’t even get me started on how hunter favored this is. I can’t even describe how many nest games I played today as bucket, cheesing 3 eggs down alone with turrets. Splitting up and its over, both bucket and parnell can solo eggs in record time while the monster is busy fighting anyone else.

Please for the love of god, look into evac balance. I want to love it, I really do but to call these modes “fair” is a long shot.


Evacuation is for fun. End of story. It’s for grinding out massive xp. I really do like your “monster winning 4 games and then the stupid auto balance buff making it heavily hunter favored is absurd.” Meanwhile the rest of your post is complaining about how everything is hunter favored. So how did you get 4 wins as the monster anyways? Defend is fairly even. If you get a passive team of hunters the monster wins easily. Nest is also pretty balanced. Get a fast stage 2. Get a tiny bit of armor. Hatch an egg. Kill all the hunters. If bucket is off by himself like you said it should be even easier. Rescue is stupid. The AI in that mode is awful. Wraith destroys it.

  • Would be nice if the vote system was tweaked, but it is what it is. If anything, I relish in victory when the hunters decide on a match that they believe will result in a win for them. Feels so good slapping a hunter group during Nest! :smirk:

  • Rescue isn’t as bad as you think, ya just need to get to the downed NPC’s first (even at stage 1). A big problem I initially found was that killing off both survivors in the first two waves was a baaad idea. By only killing one, eating, and then letting the hunter team get the other one, you buy time to get yourself evolved to stage 2. If you kill both, the next wave of NPC’s will most likely spawn further away from you and closer to the hunters. If you kill at least one NPC at the first/second wave of downed civies, the final wave is HIGHLY in your favor. Also: the decay time is VERY FAST for the survivors. I believe it’s 10 seconds, but the point is that if you can’t eat the body 'cause you’re fighting the hunters, just keep that corpse covered 'till it decays.

  • While food is a bit tougher to find, it’s not impossible. Keep venturing into further sides of the map, there’s more than you think. If you don’t like the balance buff, stick with Hunt mode where you don’t have to worry about such things. Of course, you could get ta Kraken with the Kraken on the final day. I heard that guy has the biggest advantage at day five!

  • Nest is, just like Rescue, not as bad as you think. It requires a different mindset and it’s obvious if they choose to split if they have a Bucket on the team. The biggest thing you CANNOT let happen is to go chase the other three hunters and get yourself domed while Bucket’s doing work in the background. Bucket can’t do jack on his own if you run into him. Just intercept him and slap his face, then go finish off the other hunters with a hatched Goliath.

Evacuation isn’t meant to be a super serious mode, it’s just to have something different and fun. If you want super srs/balanced mode, go play some hunt :stuck_out_tongue:


Just because scenarios are hunter favored doesn’t make them impossible, use common sense. Playing hard and good is how I get 4 wins on occasion. The point is, it should start out balanced, not be a mountain to overcome for just one side.


On nest I usually just hatch one monster to distract the hunters, and then I got eat and build up armor and evolve. After that’s done I hatch another egg and go with the minion to attack them. Use the same tactics on rescue, ignore the first few and go for the second after I reach level 2 and have got some armor.


Yea, it’s not as bad as all that… we’ve (hunters) had our asses handed to us on Rescue/Nest plenty of times by a smart monster.

In both cases it’s best to get to Stage 2 asap, don’t worry so much about S3 as you would in hunt.

Rescue; focus on denial. Try and get to survivors before the hunters do (3 part is easiest as there are 6 or so survivors). If not, then engage and try to get at least 1 of the 2 survivors in each of the first two rounds. Don’t focus as much on killing the hunters instead of killing survivors. If you get 2 over the first two rounds, should be fine. They dome you in round 3? Awesome… survivors can’t get to the drop point.

Nest - get a minion early and often. As noted, Bucket tends to head off on his own. If you see a lone hunter, it’s probably Buck. Wreck his world. If you see 3 hunters, you are at an advantage taking them down since bucket wandered off. The Kraken and it’s ranged attacks are probably best on this mode. Hit em and hurt em and then be prepared for a showdown on the last 2 eggs. Again, keep spawning minions as needed.

Defend - again, this one is best with Kraken. He often just sits outside the area and wrecks us with ranged attacks. We have no choice but to divide the team and send two after him. This makes it harder to defend against the minions.

And yes, it’s more of a “fun” mode and not made to be sneak and peak like it is so often in hunt. So, the monster has to come to the hunters… is that a bad thing? I don’t think so personally… just means the monster needs to adapt new strategies. Which I would think would be more challenging for the monster players. Only playing hunt would get boring (and there’s always a default hunt mode on day 1… wreck em and get a leg up)


I personally think that the monster should be able to actually get health back, not just armor. If hunters get infinite respawns, then the monster should be able to eat to regain health.


Never gonna happen, more hunter players than monster players and they love their: Unlimited resurrections, ability to heal, laz to remove strikes and bring them back from the dead, medpods to remove strikes and heal, infinite respawns.

Monster’s options are basically only on the off chance regen buff is on map AND they dont kill/camp it AND he stays out of combat to even get the effect. Yup, that about sums it up. Oh and the 1 in 100 chance he wins the specific map and specific hunter favored modes in evac to get the health plants.


Only time will tell what will happen with the game, as it does with all games.


I have a better idea… Can we please balance the GAME? Or maybe TRS you don’t want monster players anymore? Let’s hunt bots…


…Grenades spam, darts spam, harpoons spam, weak spots spam, spam spam spam… Any monkey can play hunter.


An FPS with a gigantic target when these cod kids have been twitch gaming for years. Wish goliath had a “personal shield” haha. In all seriousness though, I love the game, I’ve pumped hours into it. I love monster and I love support/trapper. I’m just so saddened that because more people play hunter, and they are more vocal demanding buffs for them and nerfs for monsters, they are going to rape monster into the ground. I’m scared to see the shell wraith will be after the upcoming patch, they caved to whine immediately even while acknowledging the overall win rate is 50/50.


The Wraith is annoying to fight. Win or loose, what is it about that very simple fact that you monster whiners don’t get?


Then it sounds like wraith needs a rework rather than a nerf. Nerfs wont change wraith enough to make it less annoying. Let say, TRS nerfed his mobility. Then ppl will complain about his decoy. If thats gone, then now wraith is the worst monster and has no answer to do anything.


The wraith is meant to be annoying. You guys are just gonna have to deal with it. Even if they nerf her, she will still be fast. It will never change. You guys want a frikkin dimensional warper to travel slow, like wtf is going through your heads?

Wasn’t meant towards anyone, hit the wrong reply button.