Can we play monster with friends now?


Now that there’s 300 players max, can we assume that “cheating for achivements” is not your biggest issue anymore?

Can I play monster with a friend before the servers shut down? (I mean, with real players, without the buggy bots glitching in the wall or standing next to you doing nothing)
We payed 60$ each and only played 3 days since we could’nt play monster togheter in multiplayer, we would like to try that.


I have no idea what you are trying to say so please clarify…


Yepp, you have been able to do that since the beginning.

Edit: Hah, quoted you before you edited your post.


Custom matches don’t count.

I too as well would like to be able to be a monster and my friend be a hunter ( a long with random human opponents)

Custom matches don’t count

Custom matches don’t count


Go to custom games stop trying to ruin multiplayer


Last I heard this might be coming to skirmish when they introduce the ranked matchmaking system. It is a much-needed feature though, I agree.


Good question, shame about the delivery.


I don’t see how people argue against this. We should allow teams of friends to play as monster during MM matches without bots. This solves so many issues with groups forcing solo players to be monster all the time, and people not playing their preferred role.

How would this ruin multiplayer? It seems we are trying to protect against a very small minority that would abuse the friendly monster and troll people. Most everyone would love to destroy their friends far more than destroying random strangers who don’t use their mic.

As said above, custom games don’t count.

Custom games don’t count.


“Cheating for achievements” has never been an issue since you can just play a solo or custom game with friends to unlock them.


No-one’s against it, TRS aren’t against it as such either. They said they had discussions pre-release and decided that they wanted to keep hunters together as they felt it’d be more likely that people want to play as a group instead of someone splitting. Turns out that’s not the case, and they’re not against changing it. They haven’t committed to a change but they seem happy to consider it.


Sure people are against it. Seto Here in this post is against it. Plenty of people have spoken up in random forum posts on this topic going back as far as the beta or even alpha.

That’s totally fine not liking the idea, but I just don’t get the rationale. The argument always seems to be people worrying about trolling games with monster-hunter team’s that don’t really fight each other and just screw around, and people abusing the leaderboards or masteries.

Masteries can be farmed in custom, teams can screw around in custom, and the leaderboards really affect no one. I’m really looking forward to ranked matchmaking so they can feel better about opening up skirmish matchmaking for group monster play.

Sad part is, unless this change is already done and in the second title update, we can’t expect to see new matchmaking modes, game modes, maps, or anything of significant change for another 2 months.

I suppose it’ll just be bundled together with the next DLC release.


No word at all really. A lot of “we might consider it” and bleh like that or silence. Where is our ability to actually play with friends already.


O, and you’re right about some groups wanting to only play as hunters within their actual team. That would be annoying if the matchmaking prevented your team from playing by forcing each person into monster role.

This is where setting monster to 5th option (or really, the do not play option) needs to work. Teams of 4 with monster all set to do not play should then only be paired with someone who has monster set to priority #1. Ranked play where you always get your desired role will also make this possible.

One day…


Fucking bots is why its horrible


If you play on pc there are so few players on that it’s not that hard to get into the same lobby with a friend.

Here’s what I do:
My friend invites me. If it’s at the end of the match (no rage timer), I leave and then join a hunt game immediately. 50% of the time I join back into the same game with the ability to play monster.


I too would love to see this feature, the ability to play with a friend as the monster in a non-custom game (I’ve posted about it before on this forum). I’ve heard it bandied about to facilitate an un-ranked option for game types, which I think is a great idea–not all of us are playing the game on a competitive level–what about the casual player contingency of people who are missing out on half of the evolve experience?

And by missing out on half the experience, just to clarify: playing against one or 2 friends as hunters with bots in a custom match as the monster is a far different experience than playing against four human controlled hunters as the monster.

I feel this should just come down to options; give the players a choice of ranked matches vs un-ranked, and I think both sides would be content. Furthermore, this feature might keep the more average players (like myself) out of the path of people who are far more competitive and in it for stats.


Yeah because gamers are so honorable. The monsters that stat pad and tea bag and prolong games just for fun are the people that would actively try to mess with people. So many people would troll with their friends. They wouldn’t even think it was a bad thing. Just a little fun to take a break from taking the game seriously. Customs do count.



Disagree with something? You’re salty! Don’t like something? You’re a hater! “I won’t have to logically argue a point if I call him salty!”

The fact that on the rare occasions someone gets into a game as a monster and their friend as a hunter and we see this kind of behavior should be evidence enough that people would actively do it if was a real feature.


There’s nothing stopping teams of hunters from trolling with domes, screwing around the map searching for cupcakes, or just generally being a pain. I don’t think you can really stop people like this, and if TRS tries, it just prevents the average customer from enjoying the game a little more while trolls just continue doing their thing.

And really, custom matches where 3 friends are online leave you with one player controlled monster vs two player controlled hunters and two AI bots. That’s a horrible setup where any half decent monster will stomp all over the hunter team. Not fun for anyone.