Can we make the trees more interactive?


I noticed that amongst the chase as a trapper/tracker, your biggest issue is trees. They get in your line of sight, fly into them and they dead stop, or you can occasionally get stuck between a tree and a rock in the worst of scenarios.

Would it be possible, since monster can demolish them, if we could climb the trees? Could prove useful for searching, and would fix what little of a tree dilemma there is.

Honestly I don’t expect this to happen as coding can suck and that would introduce new bugs. But just food for thought.


It sounds like a nice idea…but the trees are so short that you need 1% jetpack to fly over them anyway


Intractable, eh? How about they talk to the hunters whilst they hunt?


Jack would probably talk back to them.


They gonna start chucking apples at people now like the wizard of oz?