Can we make Hank/Sunny not mandatory?


Because any monster who knows the meta will wail on the medic, and only hank/sunny have the capacity to do something about it. No medic is capable of surviving a semi-competent monster who puts 3 points into a nuke skill and wails on the medic. I know, I never lose as monster and it bothers me. I don’t think it is fun for anyone to play against me because I just put 3 points into a nuke skill, wail on the medic, and most teams will either die quickly, or if they have a hank/sunny will extended the match into a somewhat reasonable length before I manage to get a strike on their medic. I honestly avoid playing monster because of how stupidly onesided I can make matches just by knowing the meta. It may be fun now, playing against all of these new monsters that do not know the meta, but once they leave or get filtered out by rank, then the game will return to the old status quo of “hank/sunny mandatory or you lose”.

Strike while the iron is still hot guys, we have a much larger new playerbase and they deserve a game that does not rely on inexperienced players to be balanced. Because as is, no pub group can survive any monster that knows the meta no matter how hard they try. Only premade groups of specifically picked team comps can, and that will just drive away the playerbase again over time.

Not to mention what happens when a non-hank/sunny support shows up in the free rotation? What if Kala shows up in the rotation?? Then the game will just be hurting in pub balance. And if its anything Evolve needs to learn from its initial demise, is that pub balance is KEY to a healthy playerbase.


Well you can’t really disable a hunter just because a lot of people use it, so there’s that. And I’d say Bucket can be good with a medic, considering he can enable back-to-back healbus and shield.


Bucket is insane at the moment, he can save medic and all the characters rreally with his MR.

Instant healthburst back, instand DM back, instant SB back, that cannot be overlooked. o_o


Personally, I’d give it a longer cool down and not recharge his shield burst.
Edit: although I think they just did the longer cd (I think)


Yeah, the cd went from 40 seconds to 50.

It’s rediculously strong but it’s a really long cooldown.


For me the main reason right now to not pick Cabot or Kala over the standard top tier Supports like Hank and Sunny is because… it feels a little off.
I’m going to need to sit down one day and think real hard about what the actual advantages of picking those “offensive” Supports is now that the amount of health damage you can do to a Monster in a dome is effectively “capped”. Once you’ve done enough damage, the dome will drop.

Previously you’d pick Cabot because you were confident that you’d absolutely shred the Monster’s healthbar in those 60 seconds of dome.
Now… the only actual advantage Cabot brings to the table is making the dome drop faster. Not sure what kind of advantage that is. I can definitely think of a few time-wasting related benefits to making domes last as long as possible.
So it’s just… Idunno. I think Cabot got a serious but indirect blow from the nerfbat when dome timers were bound to Monster health damage.

And the exact same goes for Kala (and to a lesser degree Crow’s charged rifle).
If the dome drops once you’ve done enough health damage to the Monster, why on earth would you even want to use Kala’s beam?
Assuming you have a team that can survive well enough for the duration of a dome, wouldn’t you rather not use the beam? This means that:

  • The dome won’t drop nearly as fast, meaning less time left for the Monster to evolve and finish the match
  • The Monster will flee the dome without armor left, allowing for a good amount of chip damage and more time wasted by forcing it to armor up again


Actually, I’ve been running Cabot whenever I get support, and its been going great. Does the dome drop faster? Yes. Because health bars get shredded. But the thing is, monsters just seem to be more confident. Unlike before, monsters aren’t afraid to stick around for an extra strike or 2, so yes, the domes drop faster, but the fights don’t seem to end as quick, making extra damage a nice little add-on.
Kala? I dont know. Never liked her. So eh.