Can we just talk about elite monster skins?


This game has a beautiful mastery system that takes both time, and effort to complete. Completing the three tiers you’re tasked with is not for the weak minded and is rewarded (like in most games) with a skin that only the skilled can acheive, such as diamond camo on CoD. After countless hours of playing your favorite monster you finally manage to get that last lightning interupt kill bullshit and UNLOCK THE SKIN :smiley: you proceed to wait in the longest loading screen of your life to see that glorious shiny new skin that everyone is going to be jealous of. The time has come, you select kraken, you click the customize button and move to the elite skin. Oh, you must have chosen the wrong one because nothing changed. You swap skins again… nope, still the same… your fear is only confirmed after rapid swapping of the elite and regular skin. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS THE FACE IS SLIGHTLY WHITER!!! All the time hoping for an amazing swirly gold armor trim or maybe red eyes, blue electricity patterns, or even four tenticles. All that time is now PURE dissapointment.

Asside from my poor nairating skills there is a large problem with the elite monster skins. While i have yet to get wraith’s (because i refuse to play that unbalanced mess) i can confirm both goliath and kraken get a barley noticablty whiter face. Ive heard its an allusion to the albino elite monsters, but if thats the case MAKE IT WHITE. There is no reason goliath cant be skined like an albino sloth. They did such a good job with magma and savage skins, why now do the skins look like shit after you unlock the most unobtainable skin in the game?!?! The point of “elite” skins should be to flaunt them and you simply cant do that with these. How are the hunters supposed to tell you’re elite if you cant even tell?
I beg for this to get a major patch overhaul and for elite skins to mean something. As of now dont waste your time on moster skins, start getting your hunter grind on. Atleast then people MIGHT happen to notice your black gun…


Havent seen the kraken elite skin , but the goliath and wrait ones are pretty cool . Im not a monster player but what I have seen from the hunter perspective the skins are completely different from the default ones , not just “a brighter face” .

Edit : And the new ones are way better than the old :slight_smile: !


Are you sure you arent confusing them with magma skins?


From what I’ve seen from people who’ve unlocked them they look best in direct light so when you’re sneaking about thy don’t stand out as much

I have changed my mind about the hunters one though as they’ve grown on me


Sounds like you are talking about the OLD Elite skins. I saw the new ones on YouTube and they are definitely noticeable. Also the Hunter weapons are dark blue with gold trimmings now according to a friend.


Every showcase I’ve seen has been in sunlight or under lights. They’re not indistinguishable but you won’t be lit up like a Christmas tree


The elite skins for the monster are made to represent the Elite wildlife Albino skins





I think there’s something wrong with your game. The Elite skins are VERY noticable, off-white and they cover the whole body of the monsters, not just the face.


Sounds like they have changed them! Which i great news and bad news at the same time because i have unlocked the monster skins after launch, however there is a bug on xbox with magma skins where it will equip both, so you get a conflicting texture look. Maybe this is happening with the elite skins too.


It looks VERY different, as shown above. Here’s a video of it (not mine);


I’m not there yet but I’ll see what you mean when I do. Check my topic in feed back about in game unlockable skins.


First time seeing these. They look dope. How they look in game?


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Lordweh posted the Kraken vid.


Elite monster skins look awesome. I don’t known why some people don’t like them?


They were talking about the old original ones that didn’t look good.