Can we have this..?


Can we have a way to play PVP without having a chance to play the Monster…? I mean, really, there’s so much going against the person playing the monster in a non-game balance way it’s just insane:

  1. Parties are automatically exempt.
  2. Voting system inherently favors hunters (dumbest idea ever)
  3. Player joining in as a Monster in Evacuation is screwed to play it for the entirety of Evacuation.
  4. Taking over the monster from a bot invokes a game-breaking bug that pretty much means you only get six points to upgrade/unlock abilities instead of nine.

Just saying, it’d be nice to just check “Never Play Monster” in PVP so I don’t have to deal with this BS anymore. If someone else wants to, that’s their choice.


create a group to play with (even if its 1 other person), there currently isnt a way for people in parties to play as the monster (you know aside from a group of 5 going into a custom match) but at least in a party you dont have to worry about playing monster


I get that but what am I going to do if none of my friends are on? And please don’t say “make more”, forced socialization should never be a gameplay gimmick.


i wish i could be the monster while in a group. theres something really fun about shit talking (friendly banter, if you’d rather) while in a game with my friend.


Yeah… Perhaps we could get an option on that later on. That’d be a good way to help with that while still retaining that Hunter team preference.