Can we have this simple improvement?


When I press TAB ( to show map) , all HP bars ( of hunters, monster and wildlife) dissapears , also footprints and “pings” that players made.

They are not revealed untill I minimize the map.

Can you make those things like they dont dissapear when I have map opened ?


I believe this was said long ago to be something to do with performance. If you search you might find something about it.


This was intended. So people won’t use the map all the time. I don’t like it either but its just a minor inconvenience.


@Ryaneko is correct. They didn’t want to have a constant map/minimap open. It is a strategic decision and it is intended.


No. I actually bring up the map when i try to do long range abducts because all the giant icons cover the tiny little hunters at that distance.