Can we have something cool that costs 200K keys please


I have all skins and all perks that i need maxed out… I boutght PC monster race edition so i have everything unlocked… I dont know what to do with 120K keys… will there be some thign special for shitbuckets like me to showoff :stuck_out_tongue:

something like a particle effects skin like running neon lights on rval something like that


How about a special set of badges?


wouldnt mind if it actually looks like a shit bucket ill be actually proud :stuck_out_tongue:


You know what kind of badge I would want.

But Something like a super Elite Skin would be wonderful.


Hi I made shit bucket for you,hope you like it.Now send me 200k keys.


I’d hope that when the full Game releases (at latest) they’ll do something like a Compendium from Dota 2, so they can make money and grow the Evolve esports Scene. There you would get awesome stuff (for real money though). They inflated Silver Keys through x10 weekends, co-op and all the hidden accoladges.
Maybe also some kind of elite currency, where you can buy like 1 for 50000 silver keys and then make it kinda like the overwatch extra currency, where you need 300 (or 500?) to get something special.


no wonder u have BUTTHEAD tag :stuck_out_tongue:

i meant this


You mean some boring cartoon unrelated to the evolve in evolve suggestion section that you expect me to know about . Friend you deserve my tag more than I do :^)
Send me 200k keys on my kys account rite nao: NarutoBestestAnimo333
It is your last chance before shit bucket disappears!


Gears of War like animated weapons skins for Hunters and something for the Monsters?


animated stuff is pretty expensive to do compared to badges and reskins,I find it to be unlikely in near future.


Something like that lava/heat thing would look sexcellent on Goliath or Behemoth.


Definitely would look badass