Can we have some cuter icons?


They’re all angry monsters stuff. I wanna be totally adorbs. There’s a cute heart background but I have to put a monster in front of it. Maybe some butterflies or bumblebees or kittens or something. Thx :3


We aren’t playing My Little Pony here… Lol


What does that have to do with icons and symbols? yes its a monster game but theres not much besides monster stuff. At least have the hunters in it instead of just bucket


It all represents others. Werewolf is unlocked by Hyde, so it is Hyde based.


I’d love to have adorkable icons for the badges. Like a derpy Daisy icon, OH YES. Or a spotter icon! Spotters are so cute.


What do you mean, chum? Bucket IS cute. :heartpulse:


I can look like an adorable kitten in game if I want to. It’ll give the monster a false sense of security and then!

I had to find a tiger.


Lol, that I can agree on, being nice, and then… BAM! dead


Derpsy the Trapjaw, yay! We could have a Derpsy sipping tea. :blush: As for Spotters… I don’t like Spotters. They’re trolls.


We don’t have cutesy icons because when you get into the hunt…

That said we need a trapjaw and a cupcake badge.


I second this motion. However, I disagree- the kitten whispers and tickle fights increase morale.


Stop it guys, you’re gonna make me run out of Likes!


I know- that happens to me so much! People need to stop making awesome comments…


More cuter badges guise. We need them for those people that enjoy being both the cutest AND deadliest living thing on the planet. :stuck_out_tongue:
Aside from Daisy.


Great feedback. We weren’t really sure if people would want cutesy badge elements or not. Thanks guys. :slight_smile:


Kawaii Bucket would be absolutely brilliant! :smile:


I don’t think anyone will turn down whatever you want to throw at us!


Don’t worry, everyone. Cuteness is coming! (:



Nothing says you’re one of the deadliest Monster Hunters in the Arm unless you have a Hello Kitty badge.

And yes, I would use a Hello Kitty badge, pink even, and while we’re at it add in flowers for the background because I’m a man.