Can we have character preference option for matchmaking?


Just cause i want to play medic doesnt mean i want to play as Val. I wouldnt mind jumping in the middle of a match if i got the character i wanted to play.

It’d be nirvana if aside from this you let me re pick my perk…


I totally agree. While I like all of the characters, if I am going to jump into a game half way through it would be great to choose which character I wanted to play, not just the class’s standard character every time.

On that note, (TRS Developers please note this one down!) something else bugs me.

I tend to have monster as my fifth choice as I enjoy hunter gameplay far more. Therefore why is it that when joining mid-match, even though there are only two other human players (playing as hunters), the game forces me into the Monster role rather than one of the other two bot hunters?!?

I would rather play against a bot monster with two people than be forced onto the opposite team. If there is a way to change this then I haven’t found it in the options. (Please tell me if there is actually a way! :smile: ) I love this game and its concept, but I prefer to play the role that I actually want to play. If that role is already taken by another player, that’s obviously fair enough, but being forced into my last choice when two bots are controlling my 3rd and 4th choices? I would prefer to play solo offline in that situation and it has happened to me at least a half dozen times in recent weeks.





Hey… just play the end of that match and you’re very likely to be your class pick and you can pick whatever character you want!

Take the opportunity to have a guilt free go at trying something different with a character you don’t otherwise use :wink:


I have been doing that and I am very upset that does not hold true. I quoted the guy above because what he said is very true. I jump in mid match and finish the game, only to be forced into my 5th preference, which is the monster.


First match is just trying to fill in empty slots and does not take preferences into account anyway. So you’ll have to wait for the second one.


Matchmaking does not use your preferences (as proven by how often you get put as something you don’t want to play, even if something higher on your preference list is available). Adding a character preference will do absolutely nothing.

The first step would be building an actual matchmaking system, instead of the current system which throws you in the first match it finds in your level range regardless of your preferences or skill level.


The matchmaking system much more often than not puts you in a group of players that means you have a good chance of getting the slot you want. Even if you get dropped in as monster there is a fair chance you’ll get your hunter choice next.

I don’t disagree that there are some issues with matchmaking, I too get dropped in as a monster despite it being 5th pref and facing a party of 4 which means I am always monster, and I hope soon there will be an option to stop this.

But in terms of your original post, it feels like overkill to select a character preference when you’re likely no more than 10 minutes away from being able to pick your own character choice :smile:

You seem frustrated, but this is a gross misrepresentation of the matchmaking system and for everyone that feels this is the case there are many more that are having a fine time with matchmaking. :slight_smile:


I AM frustrated, and with good reason. i have never experienced any other game where I have wasted 30 minutes just trying to start a match with the class i want to play. 95% of the time the game drops me in mid game. And what seriously pisses me off is when it drops me into a game where i have to wait two minutes because the last person rage quit just when they died. Dont know if you have noticed, but if you are replacing someone and they just died, you cant take control off the bot until you drop from the drop ship. This means I cant access the menu to quit. So in this scenario, you have to wait a full two minutes to play, and god forbid you quit because they you get that one minute penalty. Im honestly tired of getting penalized because other ppl rage quit.

I really dont think its overkill that if you are dropping me mid game and forcing me to play my 4th or 5th preference, i get to play the actual character I like.


You are right about just going with it until the end of the match and then getting your preferred class after that (although that doesn’t always work 100% of the time either I have discovered). I am trying to build up my monster experience and I have been starting to give it a go even though I usually get creamed by the hunters.

The problem is that I don’t always have the time to commit to playing through a match in a role I only get a little enjoyment out of before then playing the class I actually want to play where I can really have a great time. Sometimes I may only have 15mins spare in our household where I can get a quick game in, which is one of the things that I find appealing about Evolve. So while I am keeping an open mind and giving it a go so I can get better, sometimes I just want to play how I want to play, have fun, and then carry on with the other things in my daily life.