Can we have actual numerical ping values please?


bars mean nothing to me. please.


I second this. Its irking not knowing things like that


Agreed. It would make masteries easier as well


Yeah, these bars are cell phone/console crap. Please don’t patronize me with a bullshit cell phone signal bar. That has no place in even remotely competitive games.


So do I have to tag a dev for any suggestion to be actually noticed? That seems to be the way


And then you want crap load of shitstorm in games and in forums about,OMG LAGGER KILLED ME CRAP ?

How about NO !


There’s no good reason for there not to be numbers


The leader boards have numbers…


I just gave you a perfect reason…

As far as i know, this is the only game where people dont yell ’ i f888ed you mom and i slept with her’ crap… With actual ping values we will see A LOT of those … OMG LAGGER NOOB F U


No we wont because their is no cross teamchat.


That’s not a perfect reason, not even a good reason. I, and a few others it seems want to know the numbers. Lag will happen regardless of whether numbers are there. You can’t even talk to the other team apart from 15 seconds or so in lobby so what does it matter


… … …

Assault is having bad ping.
Trapper domes monster in caves.
Assault cant properly damage monster in caves.



Trapper having bad ping.
Assault and support shoots monster, aka giving it stamina.
Trapper misses dome.



Thats such a constructed bullshit, it’s almost not worth responding to. Not that a red bar says anything else than a number above 200. Exceptt that a number is more accurate.


Here’s a quote from you from another thread

Ha ! I stopped playing trapper becuz of idiots…
Assaults shoot the monster n gives it stamina , and i would miss the dome…next sec “omg you ffing retard idiot noob trapper”.

So according to you this already happens, what difference would a number on ping make


Agreed! Besides the bar system never gives you a proper reading. You can never tell if its yourself thats lagging or someone else or what?!

Numbers PLS


Ha ! I stopped playing trapper becuz of idiots…
Assaults shoot the monster n gives it stamina , and i would miss the dome…next sec “omg you ffing retard idiot noob trapper”.

Same crap, bloody frigging support would shoot the monster n gives it stamina , once again i would miss the dome…" Omg you noobshit you missed dome"…

Now playing as assault… Trapper traps the monster in caves… Monster runs around caves in circles and in n out of that… "Omg noob assault cant damage the monster…"

Playing support …" Guys stay near the shield bot please"… Idiots run away from it n get killed… “Omg noob support why didnt you make more bots, omg u useless” …

There’s the full quote, so everything you said would be cause by a simple number on ping is already happening apparently. I never see it, but then again I don’t miss every dome.


Bars could mean anything … anything from FULL BAR = 18m to 50ms and 1 bar = 150ms - 300ms or even 400 or even more.

Since its still ‘unknown’, nobody is gona make a war over it !

Then again, why would you wana know the ping? The only thing that you need to care is about you and yourself. Ping just makes everything worse.

If there is an accurate ping value, anybody could simply blame me/any player for missing a dome or a shot or something. I/player might have missed the action because of retards who he/she is playing with.But if there is a ping value, then we will be seeing a lot of more than that. Everybody would blame on the player for missing it, simply hiding the fact that they are the ones who F-UP !

If you people seriously want numbers, let the game show the latency in number of that particular user (aka i can see my ping )

Oh please ! Talk about current subject. I / nobody asked about your skills / play statistics and keep it that way.


Everybody who disagrees with you is stupid ? Please get out of your hole. This is real world, dont expect that everybody is gona support your opinion. You dont have to read it, i never asked you to read it. You said something and replied in that in an appropriate manner. But if you really want me to reply in a way that i should, considering your behaviour, dont be mistaken. Because i will and i would really smash your argument on a wall and spit on it…

Try to keep it civil and i will try my best to make it constructive.


Yeah… Because that’s how pings are for. For blaming other people. What the hell is wrong with you? Half life engine supported numerical values since forever and I don’t see a problem in that. Neither do all those cs players out there.
You get shit for missing the dome I either way. This has nothing to do with it.

Come up with an proper argument.


You’ve made your point, everyone can see it. Leave please.