Can We have a Work Loader?


A loader would be a fun addition to Evolve. What better way to fight an alien monstrosity with a utility vehicle turned lethal weapon? I would also like to see Turtle Rock’s take on this machine, would it belong to a hunter? Would it be something left behind by Shear’s colonists that players could find on the map?




Have all 4 trappers assemble unite. One controls movement. One controls left weapons. One right weapons. One controls battlefield control (I.E. pings the map with support/buffs/damage etc…)


What is this? Power Rangers? :stuck_out_tongue:


They have Red, Yellow, Blue. Orange could replace pink/white/black :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol. 10 Chars!


Or just replace it with the Class colors


If this mech like thing comes into play it could be another gamemode or its own character (mecha and driver)


Perfect, we shall call it… Traptimus Shear.





Nononono, Sumetrapass

Or… Assuppmetra.


The power loader drops from above. Strap in to deal HEAVY DAMAGE!


I don’t think that would be the case for Be-he-moth


Perfect ! Just swap the xeno queen with a stage 3 behemoth, make the power loader twice as large, give it big frigging cannons, and we get…

This baby.


Tier 5 Assault confirmed!


I loved beating the shit out fo Heinrich with it in Conker.!


Nevermind a work loader, can we just have TTGL to show up?


Mine has more guns…


Or a new monster! 4 hunters vs a mech Hunter!