Can we have a talk about stealth mechanic?


OK so just over the last few matches i encounterd a new form of attack style which i think shoul dnot be allowed at all.

I am talking about the stealth attack of the monster, they press circle (PS4) go stealth an instant hit me with their sneak attack. While this kind of attack normaly if it suprises me is ok but if i am shooting with markov my lasergun right at him i don’t really think that should be possible seriously i have no chance evading it, the laser was active the whole time. I don’t think it should be possible to use a stealth attack if i see where he is coming from that is just ridiculous

Or is there a way to avoid something like that?



jump. dodge. never run alone :slight_smile: any damage shots will save you


Your team should be within close enough proximity to shoot the monster off.

As an avid user of stealth, A team Divided, is a team defeated. Never run off alone, Even if you’re leading, look back and make sure everyone is close.


If your teams hits the monster they will stop attacking.


almost every attack i do is a pounce, lol.

pounce, run. pounce, run.


be hyde his burn damage will knock the monster off


they were near me but how can i jump if i don’t see it coming and i am doing damage to him. i dunno but the last time i checked stealth attack is an attack that is done as a suprise attack and not while standing infront of the assault

i know that about my team but if they get knockbacked down a cliff or anything else is between us due to the knockback it is hard for them to make it



It’s actually called, in game, a pounce attack. The word “stealth/sneak” is completely absent.


OK so my bad its called pounce attack that still gives me the feeling it should not be possible if i face the enemy directly thats just strange and you can’t break out without help not good design in my opinion


if your team is around monster pounce is useless. if your team isnt around monster pounce is useful.


the game is not and should not be designed for the hunters to be effective in solo play against monster EVER.

its 4v1, not 4v4.

each side needs advantages and disadvantages.