Can we have a new Match Making system? aka random matching?


Evolve is fun, granted but playing 36478382 with the same people is not always fun. As a player i / we would be looking for new guys to play with, new enemies to deal with and new stuff to learn.

But currently the match making systen makes you keep on fighting with the same players. I propose to make a change for this,

Disband teams right after the round ends (unless they are in group). Let each player click that find match and let them play witg different players. I think that way its much more fun.
Personally monster is my 5th choice, so naturally after 2-3 rounds I would be able understand how different players would play and that makes the game toooooooo easy. (unless its a wraith spamming Nova)

Also for the first time I played solo properly after checking all effects and stuff and I was absolutely surprised that this game has so much different match effects which as absent in online games.

We need to have a separate match mode that puts RANDOM map effects / group of randon map effects every round…

Ofcourse this would make game unbalanced but inorder to stop those kinda complaints, trs ccould simply add a separate mode for RANDOM EFFECTS MAP. And each round changing from hunt / defend / nest etc…

We already has soo many modes but none of em are used in online match making… Which SUCKX…

What do you guys think?