Can we get the Main menu animated screens for wallpapers?


Was wondering if anyone could make or even if we could get straight up get a file of all the characters main menu screen.


Looking for mainly the monsters, and without the titles in the way. Anychance this is possible?
Looking for WMV files so I could use them as loops for my wallpaper.


Oh hey Tharmak.

And yes, this would be pretty awesome. I think @MajorLeeHyper knows something about this? I have no idea. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish for this as well, I wants Goliath :3


Actually now I really want a moving desktop wallpaper of Cabot or Goliath. :3 C’mon TRS.


Or the Wraith, with Griffin, Parnell, Cabot, and Val fighting endlessly in the backgroundl? :smile:


I can’t help here, this would be more of something @MacMan or someone else would be able to help with.


You can do that? I’ve never seen animated wallpapers.


I know you can set gifs as wallpapers.


Yeah, if you ever heard of DreamScene? It’s a program that lets you run WMV files as your backgrounds, you can even play movies as your background if you wanted to but most people use it for example, League of Legends log-in screens.


This would be pretty awesome…


wait thats possible?

gimme my sunny screen pl0x <3 :smiley:


Another example, EvolveGame’s twitch channel has the Goliath’s menu screen as their “Starting soon” & “Thanks for watching” screen. If they have it, (Unless it’s the game running, but it has no menu titles on) then I"m sure everyone else could.


was originally a feature in specific versions of windows vista actually. but it wasn’t implemented very well and was really limited an a resource hog. now that it’s actually somewhat viable to do something like that, i highly doubt we’ll ever see it again. :stuck_out_tongue:

there is some third party software out there though that does basically the same thing, but i dunno how good it is… it’s been a long time since i’ve looked.


Good idea, Gnar’s login video from LoL was my wallpaper for a long time, but Goliath could be better or Hyde or… too many great characters in this game to choose from :smiley: Other idea is the option to choose the ingame main menu background. I like to play with assaults, but if I see my enemies in there that would be more inspiring, u’know, see the face that I wanna melt :slight_smile: