Can we get some way to deal with grievers, Please?


Just left a match, where the trapper announced, in chat at the end of Character select “Val = Loss”
(our medic, not myself chose Val)
and a few further, hateful remarks I didn’t bother remembering (didn’t think it was going to escalate to far), as we were dropping

Then proceeds to dome the team once we land.

Yeah, that’s cool

So, can we get something into the game to deal with people like this…not even a vote kick, maybe a personal block list, or a simple report system…anything, please.


This would be an Xbox live or psn issue and not so much a game issue


If you are on a console, use the block and report feature. If you are on Steam, I am not sure what your options are.


And there’s the rub, I’m on steam

after a bit I was able to find the player through Steam community and report for harrassment/abusive behavior, but I’m not entirely sure those get paid any attention, and because there’s no way to directly link to a players steam account from in-game people like this will go unreported


I would like to see an ingame commendation system… and then if you get rated poorly enough you will be placed with other troll players.


I’ve had similar experiences. I have a solution I would be comfortable with, one I think is pretty easy to implement and much needed:


Not much we can do I believe. But luckily, we don’t often get players like that.


Sadly this only works against playing harassing via voice chat, and cuts off team communication, which is really bad


Grievers… sounds like an amalgam of griefer and reaver… Cool name for a clan of griefers.


I propose to also have regular chat blocked along with voice chat. Communication to me is secondary to not being insulted and mortified by someone because they can.


I know it’s hardly a workaround, but make a mental note/take screen shots to remind yourself which nametags are potential griefers. I’ve made note of one particular individual on the PC so far, with a tendency to play trapper and grief. I just try to dodge that person if I see them, even if it means taking a loss by leaving…


What I do if I see such a griefer: I just get me something to drink mostly coffee, leaning back in my chair and start chatting with my friends over steam or whatsapp. I don’t give this dumbs the statisfaction by showing that Im pissed. (Works because im a pretty calm person :stuck_out_tongue: )


Yeah, I thought of the same, but it’s not a solution. When you get in a queue and there’s not a lot of options to play, one shouldn’t need to leave a game. Besides, it might count as a loss.

The other day I queued to play as a monster, and as always, I get put into the Assault slot of a game that was in progress. After the match was over, I had some idiot insult me and grief me repeatedly telling me how I sucked at assault. He ust have been very bored or have an empty life, you know how this kids are, cause he wouldn’t let go.
More recently I got into a lobby as a monster against 3 players. The game started and that same guy was added when the game was in progress. I thought of ending the game, because I really didn’t feel like subjecting myself to some idiot insulting me, in my valuable free time. (THANKS TO THE FACT WE DON’T HAVE AN OPTION TO BLOCK TEXT CHAT OR BLOCK INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE, TRS. HELLO @MacMan) But that would have been him winning, a stupid bully getting to have an influence in my life.

So to make the story short, (oh, because it was), it took me 5 minutes to wipe out the whole team, including that a-hole, who now was playing assault and took me like 10 seconds to finish once I got sight of him. After the victory screen, I made a remark at him on how the shoe was on the other foot now, and left him there, hopefully considering his past errors (but if not, at least feeling miserable).

This wouldn have happened if Evolve had a way to:

  1. Block people’s text chat at will.
  2. Play whatever side you choose.

I know 2) is simplifying the problem, because it involves other factors like player availabilty and server/region lock. But 1)? That should be easy as hell, in fact I propose to have an option (remember, it’s an OPTION, you don’t beed to use it) to have all communication turned off if you want to. I would totally use it. And it would prevent this kind of problem from ever happening again.

So that’s what I’m asking for.


Nah it’s that guy from the Star Wars movie, you know, General Grievers lol.


His name is General Grevious o_o


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Good… ;W;


I saw in an old thread somewhere that you can report players for poor sportsmanship. If they are throwing matches on purpose, it can cost them their account.