Can we get some Insight into Maggie's people?


When I was playing a few games, and after watching some videos, Maggie seems to have a really deep past. Bucket says something like Maggie’s people are the reason they got to Shear…but why?


If I remember, there was something about Maggie ( And Daisy?) being the only remaining survivor(s) of their unit. So I’m guessing some serious getting killed went down for the greater good or such.

Also, part of the fun is the myysteeeryyyyy :open_mouth:


Indeed! I love the way they tell you parts of the whole history and then let you play with your mind on what happened! So that it isn’t a already fully developed storyline and such.

It is almost like looking to the stars on a clear nightsky, you can lie there and think about all the other worlds and races and living things and wonder out there! But you can never really know for sure :P! It’s great!

Thanks to the best dev team ever! @MacMan @SlabOMeat and everyone else!


Wasn’t a unit, she lived in a colony, a harsh colony, where it was better to be feared, then she found daisy, and nobody ever messed with her, then… something happened according to her talking to hank, she and daisy were the only survivors, somehow getting the evacuation ship to work in a short time.


She’s from Factor. And Factor got eradicated by the Monsters before Shear.

You can figure that she might never had actually seen the Monsters themselves to get an evac ship up and running and then flying it off the planet by herself… which, by the way, is one hell of an achievement. At least according to Hank.

Daisy was Name Changed?

That settles it…we need novellas and we need them soon!


Another tidbit I just looked into:

‘Ruva’ (A word directly mentioned by Maggie and Bucket during a VO as a word from Maggie’s ancestor’s language) is from the Bantu language, which is native to Zimbabwe, Mosambique, Zambia and Botswana. It means ‘Flower’ or in some cases even ‘Flower of god’.

From that I deduce that whoever invented the warp drive in-game had african ancestors.


Amen! I am getting all of those in binds thank you!


So the Intro to Xenosaga where they find the artifact in Africa is canon for this game to! :smiley:



B-But that means…


Oh. My. God.

Mind=… nevermind beaten to it.