Can we get some devs to get rid of the toxic people on this forum?


Seriously, I absolutely love Evolve. It’s amazing. I haven’t had this much fun in a game in about a year, but come on people. For the most parts everyone here is very civil, which I’m not used to on the internet, but there’s that golden few who come here and whine, and it makes me so mad. I can’t stand some of them. They add nothing good to the community, and if it were possible to get them removed somehow, that would be just peachy.

Side Note: Props to all the devs for making a game that will not be forgotten in my mind. I pray this game makes a comeback and everyone ends up loving it and more and more hunters and monsters are made until I can’t afford them. You guys seriously rock. Turtlerock, if you will

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The mods and my fellow leaders are hard at work making sure anyone disruptive or hateful is punished accordingly. We generally are pretty lenient at first but if people continue to disrupt or spout hate, the moderators take appropriate action.

That said, we’re all human and we do occasionally miss things so if anyone is being overly rude, toxic, hateful, or insulting then feel free to tag us using the @(insert name here) and we’ll pop on by and take a look! :smile:

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Ah. Okay. I’ll be sure to do that! Thank you for your support



Turtle"rock" indeed my good madam! Also @Hydrawolf nice profile pic braw XD



It’s what we’re here for ^_^. Hopefully your forum-ing adventures are a little more pleasant from now on!

@gentlemenbanana thanks XD I made it using an anime character creator on DeviantArt a few years back, then screenshot it. Doesn’t really reflect my more cheery demeanor that I’ve had as of late though.



Your profile pic looks more mellow lol

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soo basically, anyone that makes you mad should be gone or punished? i swear theres a word for those kinds of ppl what was that word, hmmmmm, can someone help me :persevere:



Cough Dickheads Cough

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Well glad to see me and some of my netflix buds arent alone on a fanbase . Turtle-ROCK on man!

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thank you lol

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i don’t know what you’re talking about. :stuck_out_tongue: Cough cough

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Okay that makes me sound immature. Aren’t you tired of hearing people complain without giving anything to help fix it? Some threads are just “This is broken this game sucks fix it or I’ll never play it ever again ever Sunny OP devs suck” These guys put in so much, and this is what we give back, and I’m not asking just for me, but I’m asking for everyone, including the developers, who must hate how their work gets criticized by some people.



well unfortunately… the world is full of those dicks…and there is just no way for us to eradicate them off the face of the planet. since they breed like rabbits.



how can i get tired of that which i easily ignore, you see a topic of wraith, don’t click on it, i don’t >_> easy solution no one gets hurt or the worst thing anyone can do is Censorship

to alot of ppl that like freedom aka me, censorship is the greatest of evils



Preach. But yeah, this game is amazing, but like every game, there’s the type of people you don’t want to run into.



There are two ways to raise an issue, and I agree a majority of complainants seem to make a toxic argument as if they’ve been personally insulted. Still, the mods and leaders do a very good job with intervention. Thanks, guys!

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Furthermore if you have extensive complaints about a problematic user, please tell us in Private Messages and we can bring it to the mods’ attention.



Alright, and thank you for your continued support



Let’s all get along~!



That’s all I want, man. Less anger