Can we get commands in this game?

So some people such as myself play solo queue and realize that most likely the 3 other teammates don’t have a mic, or don’t talk. So considering this is what will happen to you if you go solo, I was thinking maybe this game should have a command button (not sure what button could fill this role since I can’t remember all the inputs in Evolve) so as to somewhat improve communications between pub teams. I’d say have it like BF4, in which you press a button and this opens a list of commands to use, such as need healing/shielding, focus fire, etc. I know this will never be as good as a mic, but it’s much better than trying to communicate with pings.


We do have a button for most of that. It’s pinging. They are color coded, and your character tends to yell out what you are pinging.

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My bad, I should have stated in the OP that we should get commands that are more Arena-oriented because pings in the arena don’t count for shit.

If you need commands in the arena that’s a bad team. Lol.

Have you played solo queue? Some of the people I’ve played with have been particularly slow…

Oh I know. That’s what I’m saying. Lol.

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Also, pings are open to interpretation at times, so a command button would somewhat help eliminate confusion.

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I see what you mean and I’d like something like that too, I play PS4 and I don’t know the controls off the top of my head but I’m pretty sure the D-pad doesn’t do anything (sorry if I’m wrong), so for example one button could be something so your character calls out needing healing, another for retreat etc. I know the hunters call out things automatically, but not always, so something like this could help.

Edit - I just remembered the D-pad is for hotswap, but with Hunt 2.0 there aren’t bots unless someone leaves

I agree, this would be nice. Trying to communicate to a pub val to heal me before I die using just pings is difficult. I usually have to stand in front of her and ping the floor. It’d be nice to have a button to tell her to do her job.

Yes please. You could even make them yourself, and hotkey them. For example I could bind “You’re out of my line of sight, can’t heal.” to, say, 7 on the numpad or something. It’d be hella useful.

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Binds or radio commands would be useful!

Why not something like dota where you have a command ring that has multiple commands on it and all you have to do is move your directional input in the direction of a particular command and let go. This then allows your character to shout out that command.