Can we get an option to ONLY search for games where we will get our preferred class?


I like one class. Only one: Medic. Butt 70% of the times I search, I end up being either Assault or Monster. If it’s monster I leave and search again, too much stress for me to handle and it’s a completely different game from that perspective that I don’t enjoy. I can deal with being another class, but there is no incentive to stay. I am going to end up being the same class after the match ends because everyone else will be the same classes they preferred.


I guess I am the only one roaroaroar.


Nah your not the only one I would love to see something like that implemented. Most people are to busy with the numerous bugs/ op threads so this is kinda…small problem. Or at least I think that’s it.


Yeah, I just leave if I dont get my class of choice. Not sure why they don’t have this feature.


I agree. I would be ready to wait more, if I could get my preferred class that way. If I want to play support, I don’t want to play trapper from the beginning of the match and then be thrown to be a monster. At least, there could be an option that asks, if I want to wait longer for more accurate hunter/monster placement.


I like to play as medic only, as well. And I get that class about 95% of the time. I usually play with one other friend that likes trapper. Sometimes we’ll play with more and that’s usually a guarantee that I’ll be medic. So, just play with friends that prefer other classes.


At least need adjustment “Disable lowest priority role”


I agree, and sadly even though my monster is my lowest priority whenever I queue solo I get selected as the monster (which I absolutely hate, but I suck it up cause I don’t quit unlike so many others). When I group up in a duo I usually get my first priority (medic) and my second priority (support), but if I had it my way I would only play medic. I wouldn’t even mind waiting longer to get the class that I want to play.


Yup the MM in this game is not fun, trapper and monster is dead last on my list and i get put as those classes so many times in a row i just turn of the game and play dragon age =/. I have more games on my assault than anything, and thats my number 2, also being placed with people in a full made party is an issue, in that case i never get medic.


At least the ability to only queue for monster or not monster would be nice. I love monster and want to play it whn I queue solo and I keep getting dropped into in-progress games on the hunter side


I understand you of course want to play your preferred class. However, I also understand the design choice of the matchmaking system.

The system now is aimed at faster matchmaking in order for people to get more playtime in. So you won’t always get your top pick but you do get to play which is I guess in the eyes of Turtle Rock preferrable over not playing.

This way at least all roles are always filled and I also believe they made it so that if you play one game not with your no.1 preferred role the chance will be higher that you will get that role next time.

They basically ask you to take one for the team in order to keep the games going and make the game as enjoyable as possible for as many people as possible. They can’t please everyone all the time and I’m sure they’re fully aware of that.

So, just try out some other classes and your preferred role will come up again and who knows, maybe you learn a thing or two playing something else.


I don’t mind not playing as my ‘preferred’ character, as it does add variety.

However, it can be very frustrating if you constantly don’t get your preferred choice.


I played enough in the alpha/beta to know i only like medic and sometimes assault. I’m doing more not playing cause i don’t have fun playing anything else so i just leave.

Made my first post in this thread about 40 mins from now still can’t find a game as medic. This is the worst MM ever -.- If i wanted to play a new class i would leave the lobby and switch to a new role and search with that.


Yeah, I completely understand and it is a shame that this is your experience so far and your point is totally valid. The suggested options might make a better matchmaking system as well so I’m not against that at all.

I just pointed out I believe that the matchmaking system is trying to make sure you can at least play as much as possible. Unfortunately some people will not play their preffered role as much as a result.

I wish you more luck with future matchmaking or finding a team that lets you play medic.


Something like this could work with a ranked que?
I Also want to see this in game so that i can play trapper more!


I understand how you feel as I’m a main Lazarus player, but I guess having to play every role might be a good way to improve teamplay.


If you don’t want or can’t play some role - welcome to custom game.


Yeah, I understand the design decision. The only problem is that their system doesn’t work. At least 5+ games I searched for in a row before threw me into my 2nd and 3rd preferred class. And I have yet to experience a circumstance in which one of these matches ended and I was given my preferred class (unless someone left after, allowing me to switch). I wish it were as as simple as taking one for the team, but apparently you need to take 50 for the team… until you quit and go find a new match with your preferred class.


I would love a function like this. I’m a monster-player, I don’t really enjoy being a hunter, and if I have to I prefer being trapper. Usually when I search for a match I get the monster, but after the match, if someone leaves and another player comes into it, it can happen that his new player gets the monster. I also ended up with being the medic, which is my least favorite role :confused:


Yeah, that is very frustrating and that has not been my experience so far so it’s easy talking for me. On the other hand I’ve just started playing and I don’t really mind what role I get altough I’m not really into the Monster role.

More options and choice for gamers is always something to support, I do wonder what kind of effect it would have on que times for matchmaking. Maybe it’s nothing, maybe it’s not but I guess a lot of people are willing to wait a bit longer.