Can we get again the weekend challenge skins?


i say this wen the last weekend challenge came the blood rock skin i want the skin but the internet of me house cut down until the last day at the las our then today im sad because i dint have one chase . maybe the can put the skin back in like a 3 skin weekend challenge or i don’t no .but well


yes i think they should make events for a second chance to get the free skins :slight_smile: not week after week but would be nice if there would a challenge for getting missed skins from the arctic hunters quest app :slight_smile:


Blood rock behemoth is the first skin I ever missed, not counting hunters quest. Once those got too hard I gave up.

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Not sure how I feel about this. I like the idea of exclusives, and this could ruin the exclusivity of the skins. At the same time, I only have the Voodoo skin for Goliath and not the others, which feels weird.


gold is exclusive…They are never doing that again ( im pretty sure they wont)

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You could probably get it, I got the Hank predator skin even though I was on vacation the entire time.

Edit: Not the gold skins, I mean the bloodrock skiin in case of confusion.


Usually they do a really big challenge that offers every skin people may have missed… I say usually because it was done the first time quite recently


I’d love another chance at the blood behemoth skin. Only one I missed, and it looks so cool. I had an hour on Sunday I could’ve played, but I just forgot. ;-;

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