Can we get a total random matchmaking?


Hi guys! First post here. I just wanted to toss out a suggestion I thought would be neat. What if we got a matchmaking queue where everything was random?

You just press the button and you get tossed into a queue with others who’ve done the same. The queue will take you immediately to select your perk for whatever hunter or monster you were chucked into.

Another variation on this could be you pick your preferred role, but the characters come out random.

The reason being so that we can always have a variety of match ups and not just see the flavor of the month classes over and over again.



I like the idea, but I feel like the monster would generally have the upper hand in this considering hunters won’t know if there’s a Laz or Sunny so their perk selection will be a bit limited while the monster could pick any combat perk and generally do fine.