Can we get a 'Time Waster Report' option?


I had hoped to no longer encounter players such as this, but having just dealt with one, I would like to put in a request to solve it.

If a Monster player remains within 15m’s of the last surviving hunter for more than 30+ seconds WITHOUT using an ability or an attack action, could the servers recognize this (I assume so given the map locations are tracked in game summary).

If so, could the game offer a vote to the hunters to kick the monster (or at least force the monster to go into Idle mode for 25 seconds - usually enough to kill the remaining hunter) - since it is clear that this Monster player is just being a jerk and wasting the time of the hunters. It would force the monster player to play as its MENT to be played - ending the game and not causing others to suffer for the sadistic pleasure of an individual who must take joy out of wasting the time of four others.


Haha. Played a Wraith the other day. 15 minutes at stage one. No one could find her. No birds alerted, no carcasses, no tracks.

We finally find her along the coast, dome her, start attac-

[monster player quits]


Really grinds my gears.


Stuff like that should be reported too. I get some players prize their rankings, but seriously - I had one of the best Kraken players in my area play Kraken. He distrubed some birds at 30-seconds in… and quit…

… it made me feel sad and amazed that players like that are soo caught up on their ranking that something as minor as THAT will make them DC to avoid the loss - just to preserve their ranking.

In my opinion, a DC should count as -2 losses. Then we might get to see who on these rankings are actually worthwhile.


DC’s do count as losses now


Yeah. I agree. I know it counts as a loss, but I wish it’d count as a few deaths. My team has played against a lot of these “top” monster players and have found that a lot of them are nothing more than quitters.

A lot of time I send them messages ribbing them and have actually gotten into some pretty funny conversations with some of them. I’ve also gotten into a lot of negative back-and-forth. Sucks that people do this kind of thing to stay on top. I care about my leaderboard as much as the next guy, but it’s all legit. No pride in that kind of stuff.


How many games end up like this? Personnally never had one, although I may have been lucky.

In any case, we’re talking about using dev time to bring in a feature that would impact a very low percentage of games and players. What about “No, there are other priorities” ?


Oh its a low priority request for sure. Its not common - quite rare I find - but its still highly unpleasent.


Mammoth birds can solve this issue


I’ve gotten in the habit, when I know I’m going to lose, of just going into crouch and letting them finish me off – one should lose with grace.

Only time I’ll leave Hunters alive is if I’m S3 and someone’s eluded me; then I go for the relay.

I admit there are a few times I have played with my food – not meant to be malicious so much as playful; monstering is stressful, so sometimes you just feel like shaking your tail feathers! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know. When ever the monster is doing that BS, I commit suicide. But it shouldn’t come to that. The hunter shouldn’t need to be punished for a monster player who is too selfish to consider the others


I had a game when the monster player would keep Daisy alive, just to kill us over and over again. It’s a waste of time and makes me furious! I do not have all day to play games, sometimes only hours and I already have to wait for loading, finding party, maybe going through broken parties of ragequitters, and then if I leave because the same person going monster again and gonna waste time again. I get stuck on cooldown.


But the Mammoth birds are the real monsters


That is malicious, sadistic, and a display of bad sportsmanship. At my worst, I’ll take ten or fifteen seconds to walk or crawl toward the last one standing.


same thing king did when he fought vs a goodteam that would kill him in the next round (cuz they fucked up in this one)
until they would quit


I disagree, as monster i like to do this for 5-10 second for fun, not to waste time, but for fun.

As a hunter i like when the monster do it to.


I fail to see the Problem here. Don´t like that he wastes your time, jump into a plant or run out of the map.
Instead of a weird mechanic that somehow needs to detect if something is intended as beeing a jerk or not, how about a concede vote.

Why do people have to make everything complicated?


Because a conceed vote would reward the monster player for being a jerk. My suggestion forces them to quit doing so and be penalized even for it.


Let them finish you off? Nah man, go down fighting tooth and claw! Never surrender, monster forever! Give them the good fight for killing you off!

Heh, jokes aside, yeah. The only time I would -ever- leave hunters alive and prolong the round is when one is already half way across the map when I just finished their last teammate. Better to armor up and evolve/Do relay damage then chase them in what you hope is a right direction.


Yeah… that implies that beeing a jerk is against any rules, which is not the case.
Funny how you can have this discussion over and over again. Do not tell people how to play, how about that?

P.S. He is beeing rewarded for playing better than you, not beeing a jerk.


Really? Because Evolve still crashes and disconnects like 4 times a day every day for me. Same with a lot of other players and they count this as a loss? Evolve’s startup time should be enough of a pain for players who alt f4 the game before a loss.