Can we get a text dump of health/armor/damage values for the monsters/hunters?


Hey! I am starting to look at spreading edits around the Evolve Wiki and it’s extremely lacking and often misinformative. I want to get a lot of information in there but quite a bit of it isn’t clear at all. Can we get a dump of values for things like:

Hunter health total
Armor per bar for monster
Health totals for monster
Base movement speed of hunters and monsters
Reload speed times
Projectile damage
Smell Range and Dome Range (60m and 50m, right?)
Percent slow on tranqs, stasis grenades and steamadon buffs

So that we can reference it and keep a live list of future changes?

Also, ITT: What information do people want to know about in-game features that they can’t find?


Smell is 70 and dome is 60 from the center. 120 across.


Dome range is about 60. I know that base smell range is at least 70-something. @MaddCow tested this a while back, I think.

EDIT: Damn. Ninja’d by the Cow. So that’s what it feels like…


He has a ninja cow picture, be careful…


Ah, thanks! Added that to the wiki.