Can we get a teaser?


Im dying to find out what the tier 5 monster will be. Even if its not coming out for a long time it would be awesome if we could get some small teaser like the outline yall did with the behemoth. The curiosity is killin me


Pacience is key here, id say you should wait at maximum until the end of this year for tier 5, but don’t assume thats when itll be ready, might be later due to balance, might be sooner.

They might need to test it out more than the rest, what happened to the wraith and the behemoth when they got released ?


“Year” either trolling or insane, game wont last a year starved of new dlc


This is unneeded here, i was answering the OP’s question by theorizing the maximum release date of tier 5.


I wouldn’t say a year, though. Tier 4 was pumped out pretty damn fast.


But tier 4 was already planned, by PCMR standards, only half of the hunters and the tier 5 monster were planned.


That being said, I doubt that it would take a full year for Tier 5. If I had to guess, I’d say sometime around August.


Didnt mean to be overly offensive though i am a little urked, if its over 6 months before we get a hint then theres almost zero hope for this game lasting, i love the shit out of evolve but if they dont pick up the pace on some things its screwed, id cut slack in my posts but most games patch at leadt every 2 weeks if theres this many bugs, and we havent even got a patch past the one thay butchered alot of gameplay, now multiple people are theorizing it will be at least 2 monts before we get a HINT at anything, thats a no go, this game is boned if they dont start baiting people to keep them in the pond


Hence why i said at problably the maximum time.

@Zeus93 we already know of a micro-patch and a bigger patch will be comming soon.


Im assuming T5 was already at least frameworked theres no reason they should just leave themselves open to not have anything to save the game after t4 was released if they had too


I was talking to midnight…


I know and again im sorry im taking alot of jabs but this is a little of a heated one for me, the patches being discussed isnt enough, its gotta get to the public before they get fed up, not everyones on the forums, btw any idea when it will be out? People in matches are always asking after getting angry its another kraken


That, my friend, nobody knows, however, aparently the patch was to be out this thursday, but it failed QA ( which i do not know what stands for ) and its problably comming out next week.


Private message then, its an open board, i saw something to be addressed so i addressed it, you cant shut me out for discussing a point


Never meant to shut you out, was just pointing out that fact, thinking you didn’t notice.


Ok fresh slate im rollercoastering between anger and cooling down between your post, sorry


Ok cool, but yea id hope there was atleast a framework for T5 before release, thats a ballsy company to wait till aftef release


Do what I do friend, when you’re angry all the time,
Take a few moments with me, and figure out how you can rhyme! :smiley:


Well, i do not know what progress they had after release, besides, thinking about hunters and a monster requires imagination, creativity, balanced equipment, monster skills, monster armor and hp, speed, what the monsters and hunters are based out of… lots of stuff


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