Can we get a sticky minimap option?


i just hate to turn it on again all the time and it really feels like an useful tool, especially for noobs like me. :smile:


Sounds like a good idea to me! :smile:


I agree with this. We have the option for toggling other things, but toggling the minimap would be much more useful. Especially for new players who aren’t familiar with the maps yet!


As long as we can select from a few size options and placement locations I’m all for it!


Seems like you CAN toggle the minimap on, but it totally removes all the other HUD elements. Irritates me to no end that I can’t see the minimap AND people’s markers at the same time.


you can choose between minimap or healthbars, thats ok for me. but everytime you have the minimap up and get dmg it will disappear again and you’re back to healthbars. it will also disappear after a certain time, or it looks like it does.

btw, bumping for attention :smile: