Can we get a seperate section for adaptations?


I hate the way that Meteor Goliath is sitting there with the rest of the monsters, its messing with my head since Kraken, Wraith, and Behemoth are considered the 3rd, 4th, and 5th monsters. It would be so much better if we either had an adaptations tab under the skins tab for each monster.


I agree, it would be better to have “Select, Adaptations, Skins” as selectable options. I think @MacMan said they currently didn’t have a way of doing that, unfortunately, but maybe it can be a thing in the future?


This was speculated on / suggested before Meteor Goliath even came out. I believe MajorLee said that it is a good idea but the tech wasn’t in place. I would imagine it is more of a “wish list” idea for now that may only take priority when Monster selection begins to get cluttered with adaptations.

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I suggested this in the past and @MacMan said it isn’t possible for technical reasons. Pleas use the search bar next time.


These were my results. Searching the forums isn’t really that accurate.

EDIT: To find yours I had to only type in “Adaptations” and then it was the 14th post which is scrolling down 3 screens worth.


Putting aside the afore mentioned tech limitations on it for now, personally I would prefer it if the classic monsters and adaptions were separated out somehow too. It would be nice if there were a way to do it.


I dont understand why its so hard to add in an adaptation section, but Im not one to talk. I know almost nothing about technology :confused:


Who knows. Technical issues probably.