Can we get a random map selection mode?


Hello Shane, or whoever is in charge, so I was playing my fav game of all time (Evolve), and I was just playing solo. As I was choosing a map I was thinking to myself, which map should I choose? and I got to thinking that it would be great if there could be put a “random map select” option on any game mode. The reason why I think its good to have this is because sometimes when I’m playing “Custom” and only wanna play “Hunt”, I get stuck with the same map, unless I go all the way back to the “Custom Menu” to change the map, and it just gets annoying sometimes. It would just be cool if I didn’t have to do all that by just choosing random. I know there is “Quick Play”, but sometimes I don’t wanna play “Defend”, or “Arena”. IDK, if anyone agrees with me let me know, if not, tell me why. also if their is a way where I can somewhat access this, plz tell me. thnx. :smile:

p.s. I hope u understood what I ment. thnx :blush:


Oh ya, I almost forgot. My idea of how the way you could select “Random” is by, when you choose the game mode, say “Hunt”, and then it shows the map lists, their should be a bar frame where it says “random” where the maps name should be, and the pic of the map should just say the word “Random” or it could be a pic of some of the maps edited together to show that its “random”. if you know what I mean.
That’s just my idea, I’m sure if Evolve considers this it would look better from what I’m imagining, but ya, that’s all. don’t forget to tell me know what ya’ll think. :slight_smile:


The reason there is no Random selection

Is because the map you are playing is already lodded and ready to go … you only need to choose characters after each match

I am with your suggesting though . I think there should be a method that allow players (Custom/solo) to make Random map selection work


ya, I hope they can add this. thnx 4 ur reply :slight_smile: