Can we get a kraken cinematic?


While I know alot of people love both the goliath and wraith I feel like kraken isn’t getting the attention and love that it deserves, I don’t think there was ever a cinematic for him and the recent one for goliath was amazing, I would love to see a cinematic for the kraken because he’s also awesome!! :smile:



Beat me to it.


If you mean a full cinematic like the one they just put out for Goliath/T1 hunters, that’s time and money they don’t need to spend


Also, the Kraken is in the Evac Trailer to.


The thing they just released was the intro cinematic to the game itself so showing off the characters you’ll actually get to play as right away makes more sense. I get what you mean though because Wraith got a cool cinematic trailer thing as well whereas Krakens is really just gameplay mixed in with some headshots of the new characters.

I call shenanigans on that intro trailer though their jetpacks lasted FOREVER. Why you tease me with that Turtle Rock


I feel you Dracorex. I’m a sucker for cinematics as well and really hoping they have a kraken cinematic in the final game


Jetpacks lasting forever is canon, but for gameplay reasons they can’t do that, similar to how fire breath should one shot them all (Like in the monster win evacuation cinematic), and how in the Gold Cinematic one grab was enough to down Maggie.


Well when you do down a hunter in the game the monster does grab you and slam you down. You don’t actually see some of the hunters die in the cinematic. Val just gets abducted, Markov gets hit by a rock throw and all we see is him get knocked back. Caira we just see the fire and then hear her scream but not her actually dying, I think the characters scream when they get set on fire anyways so while she is probably dead it might not have happened right away.


It’s implied the hunters are dying, monster does grab hunters when they die, but he can’t do that to a hunter that hasn’t been hit even once :stuck_out_tongue: