Can we get a jetpack bar in observermode just below the health bar?

When watching ESL casts it will be helpful to have a Jetpack bar below the healthbar of the portrait to let us know how pros use or manage jetpack in combat and in chase.


there was a similar request that hunters be able to see it as well so that they can see if their teammates need help or not in the fight.

That was a really cool idea so 100% yes on this idea.


This should probably be moved to suggestions. But I totally agree that it would be nice to see their jetpacks in observer mode, and it’d be exceptionally helpful in the actual game to see when a teammate is incapable of dodging or climbing

Changed the category to Suggestions :smile:

Awesome, hopefully that garners more of the right attention

It wouldn’t even have to be that large or complex. Even something like this:

The healthbar is already huge when looking at a team mate. It wouldn’t be bad at all to see it split half half as HP and Jetpack.

And this would be such a great thing to have in game.


Exactly! Honestly I think this should have been a no brainer to include from the very start. It’s something so simple, yet so useful

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