Can we get a damn filter plz k thnx


would be amazing to have a actual working system like server list so I don’t have to wait all day from drop outs and quitting casue playing hunters bores the hell outta me…and I quit games if hunter…wait …more waiting…new game same thing repeat…finally 15 mins later and 8 games…im monster only to have players quit cause “madcausebad”

seriously NEED …SERVER…FILTER…OPTION…your killing me here and I see why ppl leave don’t wanna wait around for bs just to play a game.




I understand what you are trying to say but I would recommend translating it into modern English for now.
Thank You.
jk jk

I doubt the game with add server lists now or ever because the game was released without them. Also, server lists aren’t very helpful for small lobby games similar to borderlands(4 players) which often fill up before you have a chance to select them.


server list…window option SOMETHING that helps reduce the time to find a game that I and many others want to play THEIR WAY…not hunters…just a options with “find game as monster” or hunter now…I don’t care if I have to wait 5 mins…beats trolling games …joining…leaving…trolling…waiting…repeat

anyithng at this point would do some good rather then what it is now.


Holy bad grammar batman…

but, ya I don’t think a server list is necessary. Hunter and monster really just need to be separated in preference. So, then people would actually be able to play the one they want and not the one the match needs.


I understand. I have days where I get nothing but hunters and would like to only play monster. I do wish there was a definitive way to choose one and stay as that one character