Can we eventually Evolve into Goliath?

Starting as a scrawny species… or at least like this…

To cross between these two

To ultimately this…

and in another million years this,


You could probably turn humans into goliath like creatures via evolution given enough time and resources (and enough humans who will follow orders)

Probably be easier to just create a Goliath in a lab though

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I moved this to off-topic, since us evolving into video game characters is not actually that related to Goliath, nor Evolve in general.
Makes it easier to find for those who are into this.

there should be an Azmi topic, where people can post Azmi related topic. It would be a really popular topic.


With 435 posts minimum



Yes this is perfect…

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You should do what Galactoid does and put (A) at the beginning of all of your threads, so I know to prepare myself for the worst.

I don’t see where fire breathing plays into this.

I certainly hope this could happen, i’d be the best goliath around :smile:

Creating even 1 goliath would probably screw over humanity completely since we don’t have the technology to fight them yet.

I laughed way harder at this than I should have.

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Well by the time we managed to evolve a human into a Goliath we’d easily be able to best them

I think I found a better monster to evolve to. …image

I volunteer for genetic mutation to become Goliath. I want to breath fire at people.

I’ll make a topic on that later.

I don’t care how severe the consequences are, i’d 100% allow myself to be experimented on if i get to be a goliath.
I would probably be put in area 51 or something though.

I like trains

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So which of these would you rather be genetically modified to be?

  • Dragon
  • Unicorn
  • One of Evolve’s Monsters
  • An Anime Character
  • Giant Squid

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Let the voting begin!

I know what @Pythios will choose :wink: