Can we do something about IDLE players, please!


What idiot(s) thought it would be a good idea to allow people to be idle for 20+ mins? Turrible, just turrible.


This has already been discussed to death. There are so many threads about this.


What match goes on for 20+ minutes? :open_mouth:


A pub match when the assault is idle. And from the character selection screen, loading screen, match, and ending loading screen 20 mins can easily be surpassed.


Your freakin’ name tho.

EDIT: thumbs up! : P


Blake Shelton? Lol


Just gave me a big chuckle as i was perusing the forums looking for entertainment.


I still don’t know why lol… You know what really MELTS my cheese? When people select their character and then go idle for the whole match.


Idle is great, it serves a good purpose, but I’d like it if it exceeded say, 10 minutes then the player gets the boot. While you get a bot during this whole time, it still takes up a spot that a willing participant could have joined.


Idle is good, but even 10 mins is too long IMO. The average match length is around 11 mins if I’m not mistaken.

I don’t really want a vote to kick option, but I just can’t stand it when people abuse the “take a break”… For one, who the hell thought that was a good name for it anyways? “take a break” simply promotes poor play.


I completely agree with your OP btw.

and as for the chuckle, Hyde’s meh favorite character… and idk it just made me laugh. i never really analyze my laughs.


I ended up getting a call from work and had to IDLE. I was booted for being IDLE too long, even got the message to that end, so that means the person is coming back periodically during gameplay.


Are you the assault that went idle in my match lol? Because he was Hyde…


hey hey, don’t lump me in with all Hyde players… i don’t even know what platform you’re gaming on and i haven’t been able to play in PvP in a while so even if you share the platform i do, i very highly doubt it was me D:


Lol I was only asking because you mentioned my name and I thought you might have been talking about my gamertag


I mean, if your 'tag is the same as your forum account, then sure.

Btw, i think I got a decent picture of why your name is funny. xD just imagine Blake Shelton’s head (including cowboy hat) on top of Hyde’s body… and then every line is all country and such.


Not unless you remember a match from 3 weeks ago lol I don’t IDLE for more than a minute anymore unless I gotta pee, but I guess that’s the purpose behind the IDLE.

I know quite a few people use it for when searching for the monster, or letting the monster get to stage 2 monster lol The bot will follow a near by player and the IDLE person can pick up control when the monster’s location is found. I haven’t seen the IDLE monster since hitting level40 hunters :stuck_out_tongue:

I did try the IDLE until monster is found once, but it wouldn’t pull the hunter out of IDLE mode if the monster started attacking, so not worth the risk to me. Not sure if that was a random bug, or intended, but I think its a good idea since it deters from people doing this.


Good image lol. And what makes my life great is the fact I live in Nashville, TN…


bout an hour south-east of Dallas, Texas here. Boring little rural area. Internet is absolutely terrible, which is why i can’t PvP : (


Sounds like a bug to me… I’ve been able to come out of idle when the monster is found. The only time I go idle is when my trapper has missed like 3 consecutive domes and I’m just running and running for no damn reason.