Can we call the Deepest Dark announcer Francis?


Please? He just sounds like a Francis. Like for real, just imagine him saying this line in his weird creepy voice.

"Beware puny Hunters, as you gaze upon the true lord of this land… it is I, FRANCIS! Commentator of horror, and announcer of your demise!"

Like, c’mon guys. Francis. There’s no way he doesn’t sound like a Francis.


Paladin Parnell: “PILLZ HERE!”


grabbin pillz.

I still here “RELOADING” in my sleep.

Never forget Francis


I hate vans.

But do you know what I don’t hate?

I don’t hate vests.


Someone help, I don’t understand these references ;-;


“Yeah. Steams alright I guess. I hate steam pipes. I love steam.”


…You’re not talking about L4D Francis are you. :P?



Uh… no. I’m not. I’m legitimately advocating to call the announcer Francis. Did, uh… did you guys think that this was an L4D reference thread? :grimacing:


Well since you said it sounded like Francis I think we all thought you meant L4D Francis because y’know, TRS made it xD


Ohhhhhhhhh. Yeah, no. My badddddd :sweat_smile:


Too late, this is now a Francis thread


Was Francis the one who died? I remember one of them dying.


Bill sacrificed himself- the 'nam Veteran.



READ IT! It’s so full of feels ;_;


Oh, Okee. I’m not too big on the L4D lore.


#18 STRG+F “hate”

There are some really good ones in there. :smiley:

In the sewers:
Bill: “Francis, is that you or the sewer?”


Francis: "I hate elevators. I hate helicopters. I hate hospitals. And doctors and lawyers and cops…"
Bill: "Francis, is there anything you don’t hate?"
Francis: “You know what I don’t hate? I don’t hate vests.”


Francis: "You’re still wearing that tie, Louis? What? You got a meeting? Haha."
Louis: "Heh, that’s funny, Francis. Why don’t you take your mustache, your little vest, and your chaps, and go find yourself a parade!"
Francis: “[Grumbling] Don’t see what’s wrong with vests…” / “…Not even wearin’ chaps…” / “I hate parades.”


When Zoey sees a magazine rack:
Zoey: "Hey, Francis. They’ve got the latest issue of Hating Everything Magazine here."
Francis: “I hate latest issues.”