Can we buff stasis

It needs to affect climb speed and should probably drop kracken like a sack of bricks it affects and warps space time around it so theoretically it could make monster melees slower and The lower acceleration would allow so we could make melee do less damage in that scenario as well just pick one or both I don’t care much but it needs a touch up somewhere

Definitely not both, that would make stasis WAY overpowered.

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I was offering two solutions

But not affecting climb speed Is a little lame

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You said “or both” so it was part of the suggestion, but I do agree on it slowing climb speed though. Maybe the new trapper will have something of the sort. If Griffin can stop/slow climing why can’t others?

I’ve played a lot of ABE and crow and the stasis isn’t enough especially being that they don’t get any spectacular damage either I figured fixing his cc would be better than begging for a shotgun buff
Edit: also do you know how to fix my autocorrect so it stops capitalizing ABE every time I type it

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It should drop him much more, agreed.

No, no, no. ABSOLUTELY not. THINK about what you’re suggesting, please…

Wait you don’t think of should affect climb speed @midnightroses

The other two were eitheror

Climb speed is already pretty slow. That doesn’t need to be affected by anything, but I could understand why you’d want stasis to affect it, and it’d be okay. It would be unnecessary, and it wouldn’t really “fix” anything.

I know, and even one of those is a bad idea. Hunters do NOT need any more defensive capabilities. Imagine a Caira/Hank/Lennox/Abe team if they implemented this. Such a comp is already near impossible to crack fighting in certain areas. Stasis is blanket- a good trapper will have it applied the majority of the time (except against Kraken but that’s a different story) and permanently reducing melee damage is just ridiculous.

Well harpoons can stop while abilities you don’t think stasis should stop melees a little better
Also I find him weak compared to the other trappers but maybe I’m wrong

Another point compare a Maggie of griffin focusing on cc compared to an ABE or crow focused on cc you can notice the difference

First of all, they already do. When you’re slowed- and against a good Trapper you will be slowed 99% of the time in fights, unless you’re Kraken- it’s already VERY hard to land melees. Hunters move faster than you.

And secondly, harpoons offer a burst of CC. It’s there for a millisecond. Stasis is there all the time. No.

The same goes for the other two with harpoons don’t you think and if we are comparing who does it better well it’s no contest and melees aren’t that hard to land in my opinion I used to would have vehemently defended stasis but now it’s just not all that great because the ONLYadvantage stasis offers is the ability to do damage if the monster stays in the same relative areas

Stasis plays to different strengths than harpoons- it’s a VERY offence-oriented tool. It can be used for defence, but that’s like using a pair of scissors to kill someone. Works, just not as well. Stasis is great for damage comps- Bucket, Cabot, maybe Sunny, Lazarus, Slim, etc. If you take a defence comp- Hyde/Caira/Hank- and pair it with stasis, it won’t do as well as if you’d paired that with, say, Maggie.

tl;dr- Stasis is for different things than poons, don’t expect them to do the same.

Do I need to be worried?

Poooooossibly… >.>


i have to wonder where you got that analogy from

Oh, nothing really, just bits and pieces…snippets, as it were…teeheeheehee.


I don’t think you’ve really thought any of your suggestions through.

Then there’s Abe for which I reported an exploit that involved throwing his Stasis Grenades down insanely fast but it hasn’t been fixed yet.
A permanently Stasis’d Monster is not a happy Monster.

I think you’re underestimating Stasis because its effects aren’t always instantly noticeable as is the case with Harpoons.
With Stasis the main advantage comes from what you might not see. Mostly wasted traversals on distance that would otherwise have easily been covered with the Monster’s normal walking speed, Kraken having to constantly waste traversals much more often than usual to stay in the air, Goliath and Behemoth forced to rely on their longer range abilities because their speed is slow enough to give the Hunters time to heal.