Can we bring back dome noise?


Since it drops so fast now the noise tipping you off is a total non issue. Also you can hear all other mechanical noises in the game so it makes no sense anymore that you cant hear it. Its a little disorientating when the dome drops in your face by a trapper you had no idea was behind you.


It won’t change anything, as soon as they’ve thrown the dome and you hear the sound it’s already impossible for you to escape no matter how close to the edge you are




Thats why i want it back. I want to know the dome is dropping and its a noise that i think would enhance the game its odd to have the dome drop all silent like.

This has nothing to do with my ability to dodge the dome, I stated that from the beginning.


Personally they’re punishing the new players coming into the game wanting to play monster. It is pretty damn easy to play hunter, but neigh impossible unless you have been playing since the beginning. I had no issues trapping a monster. The whole point is to chase and trap the monster. if its on the edge don’t dome just try and get closer. its not that hard.


How do I make a poll?


They need to remove the dome animation, it should just appear in place. Very little frustrates me more than butting heads with an invisible wall.

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yes that is annoying.


I am totally signed on this. It makes no difference now with the dome time, if you hear it- youre not dodging it. Itd just give you that slight “heads up, time to fight” notification.

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As a monster you should pretty much never end up in this situation. Unless they were cloaked of course


Agreed. Why would they get rid of the sound? It’s a classic Evolve thing. Bring it back!

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They got rid of the dome sound because monsters would just listen for the clicks and dome dodge. Considering the dome is now instant I wouldn’t mind they re-adding it.


I never understand the whole "Listen and dome dodge. If hunters were near you there was a 90% chance a dome was coming anyway. And if you got caught with a doem evolve you couldn’t do anything anyway.


I think the listening and dodging was mostly Wraith, but I could be wrong.


They need to bring it back. The recent drop time made this dumb “fix” null. Revert it back please TRS, I want to be able to know a dome is dropping.


pre-5.0, a wraith with full traversal + warp blast could escape from almost any dome if she saw/heard the trapper’s throw. Then during the dome cooldown, time to safely evolve.


in 4.0 you can still catch a wraith even with that setup they had. Everyone’s done it time and time again. Hell kraken’s and behemoth’s have done it.


I can agree with that.


I am for bringing it back.


Since alot of wraith’s basically did just that to dodge a dome it became a staple to counter it with cut off, harpoons and comm work. I mean that wraith set-up wasn’t foolproof.