Can we be serious a min?


First sorry for my bad english,

its my first post im making in here because, i do feel like there is a serious concern about it

im seeing TONS of people complaining about the news T4 (monster, hunter), and always someone coming, and saying something like “they are new give them time” or “try play them better” bla bla bla

im playing video game for a very long time now, im not thinking that im a “pro” gamer, but i can say that im a heavy gamer,
and its the first time, im seeing people complaining SO MUCH, after a DLC is released !

so i wont say again the usual “torvald is OP” (because he is and everybody know about it)
or behemot is squishy (cause same he is)

but just this question.

why do we play video game ?

because its fun !!
is it fun playing now ? no !
winning with new hunter is too easy (no real challenge !)
as behemoth ? lol … if you win its because the team in front of you are huge noobs, or cause they made huge gameplay mistake (noobs ?)

to prove my point, im challenging here anybody to win a match against an organised pro-team with the behemoth
(i’ve seen some win but always against pickup)

(sorry for my bad english, and i hope you could understand my point^^)
have a nice day


Did just two days ago on release day of behemoth. 5 buds all t4 monster and hunters. Very capable and high skill players (consistently can end games at stage 1)

I won 2, died once, and had a draw before we had to leave.



If you win as the behemoth then the hunters are crap, no offense. The behemoth just melts.


actually it is fun playing now. the swing is in favor of the hunters, which makes my monster playing exciting cuz its a challenge. sure i get fustrated but nothing beats finally beating that pre-made who was handling you for 2-3 games straight.

the point of this game is to overcome and conquer, no matter which side your on.


I might take the challenge if I had free time and you are on xbone, but I can’t guarantee a win, and My Behemoth is no where near elite (that tongue grab mastery makes me sick), so if your team is all elite I will be at a heavy disadvantage.


Oh please, was expecting that. You just want me to agree because no matter what, people can always counter with a negative.

“Hunters suck”



Whatever bud, OP asked and I delivered, could give two sh*ts if you disagree. Or better yet make your own premade team if yer on Xbox and I’ll show you just how much T4 hunters can “suck”. Of course you"ll scream glitches, unfair tactics, an such…


this also doesnt exist. there is no single competitive scene. so therefore no one is “pro”. organized team is a better word. but sure im on ps4 find a team that will play me and im sure i can win.


^This. Exactly this. I’m sure the numbers are going to show that some tweaks are needed, but this “OMFG this sucks” attitude is defeatist.

I was at an almost 100% losing rate in my first three weeks with Goliath. Now, I’m globally ranked on X1 somewhere around 850. I didn’t get there by giving up.

And yeah, you can say, “Oh, 850, BFD,” but there are tens of thousands of players below me, and less than a thousand above! :grin:


Well they do need time to figure out how much things need to be changed. You cant just out right nerf someones for whatever percent you guys keep talking about.


your arround 850 with goliath ? good

well im globally ranked 662 with goliath,
i guess i know what im talking about when it come down to “monster”

im not saying that “I AM THE BEST MONSTER PLAYER”

but i have a pretty good idea of what a monster is, in this game.


I believe they have said they plan to make his weakspots hitbox smaller and fix the issue where you hit it from any angle Some health and armor increases as well


Not sure why, but I feel a bit challenged. Did I, somewhere, imply that you did not know what you’re doing?


Playing monster according to the leader boards is still based off of time though. I would be higher on the list with krakken if I didn’t play so many games as hunters with my friends… top 350 with maggie, top 200 with griff etc…its relative to the amount of time you have to get those wins… I dont have the time so I will never be #1 according to amount of wins.


This. The leaderboards are just most games played.


Leaderboards are only relevant up to a point. Then it only equates to time played.


so your saying lvl 40s elites pre made over 100s hours each are crap


no only to how many games woned


only if it is won


Summary: It’s all about having fun. I gather that’s what you mean bu this?

You deserve a million cookies.