Can u hide as the moster if ur playing A.I. bots


I was just curious, I seen a guy on XOne, Wolf Void, and he was trying to not stage up and pounce the hunters, the :medic: (human player) ran right past him. But the :support: Was an A.I. Bot and seen him. If we are playing Solo against Bots can we have a situation where I’m hiding and they run right past me. Or they dome me. I hide and they take it down cause they think they didn’t get me. Are those kinds of opportunities even possible playing against A.I. Its gotta be possible, I can hide behind a dumpster on GTA V and the cops will run right past me. It can b done at least on Gta V, that’s what makes me curious to know if we will lose out on that option of strategy when playing bots


I’d really love to know this as well…


I can’t say for certain, but it feels like any chance the bot has to see you is increased to 100%, a human might have you on screen and not notice, the bot is going to notice if it is reasonable for him to be able to do so (and they will probably seem to be harder to get away from than human players cause the bots already know how to play)


I think they might have a cone visual, kind of like those stealth games. So if you hide behind something enough, the cone won’t detect you?


Yea its just something I been very curious to know especially since stealth and sneaking and hiding are one of the monsters greatest natural abilities


I noticed in the alpha that if there were bots on the team you couldn’t hide, they are like ai from any game and know where you are even if you are hidden in foliage, water, etc


Ok past systems yes. But if u played GTA v even on 360 u could actually Los the cops even if u were in there cone of vision but not their line of sight. I was behind a dumpster next to a wall the cops ran right past me, looked down the alley, and didn’t see me. So that’s why I’m askin cause things have gotten alot better and this is a new next Gen game only.


I guess the bots have a cone vision sight and will be alerted to ur presence as soon as u are in it. Think of daisy but without being able track u across the map. There will most likely be no sneaking around them unless u are directly behind ( probably ). As for the dome there is no way to make the trapper think he or she missed u even if player controlled. As the trapper when u throw up the dome u will get an alert when u miss otherwise u know the monster is in there with u.


First off I have had plenty of times where I’ve had the trapper pull the dome down cause they thought they missed me.


I’m just askin a question that hopefully a dev will read and answer this question. Don’t need everyone’s opinion tellin me why it wont work, or why its a stupid question


Whisper a dev if you don’t want community members responding :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t say don’t respond…i said don’t try and tell me its stupid for this reason. Contribute to the discussion not try to disprove the veracity of it


I might have missed it, but I don’t think anyone has called you stupid, simply stated opinions based on either Alpha experience or assumption


Honestly, should be a simple fix… They should add a Raycast sphere around objects you think should “cover” a monster, then use Raycasts for the bots (hm… 9 raycasts? 8 Compass Directions and Middle?). If 4 or more of the Raycasts hit the Monster (depending on Bot AI Difficulty), the monster is “Seen”. Give the Raycast about 100 or so meters, but blocked by Line of sight stuff (terrain, other plays, water, invisible raycast spheres wrapped around giant bushes that is logical for the monster to hide inside).

Then again… I’m only used to programming C+, C#, and Java for Unity… I have no clue how to program for Unreal, or whatever programming system they are using. While making AI for a Game in my production class, that is how I did my “Hide from the AI” code.


Pretty impressive fix


Yes thank you. The first comment contributing to the conversation, and how it might be possible


They won’t take down a dome because for humans they get an audio cue if they catch you, as for walking past you I don’t know.


If you have these type of questions use this thread instead. Devs more or often reply there, but lately they been more silence then usual (I think its reasonable due to shipping)

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