Can TRS please add the option to kick players


Please TRS add the option soon the game needs this


A lot of people have been discussing this and people agreed this wouldn’t be a good idea


I personally really want this feature but with such a small player base it’s a terrible idea.


Why would they add this? With the current state of the game, as in having a small player base, this would be terrible. This would ultimately lead to really good players ruining the experience for bad/new players.


Yeah think about the trolls and just general bad players out there.

‘Hey guys the monster is beating us! I got an idea! Let’s kick him! MUHAHAHAHA’


it’s already bad enough with the restart round option a lot of the time I win with monster they restart and kick my butt… well that was before the new macro patch…


You realize the round only restarts if the Monster agrees.

The Monster’s vote counts x4. If he doesn’t want a restart they won’t get it.


not when I played :unamused: to be honest this was awhile ago I think before the summer patch was even announced and before kelder not sure tho


Monster has always had majority vote.


I am not joking tho I think I have a recording of it somewhere…


Well of course u shouldn’t have the option to kick the monster I’ve never played a game were u could kick the opposite team. And I don’t mean kick whoever u feel like i mean like people that are just wondering around not trapping or healing or the go idol the game doesn’t kick them


To all the immediate naysayers:
Keep in mind that so far Evolve has been lucky to not have too many trolls around.

I’m personally neither for or against a votekick idea and see both sides, but those that are against this idea should think long and hard instead of immediately running some vague scenario through their head where the system is abused by sore losers.

Again - Evolve is in a lucky state right now and always has been regarding the amount of active trolls.
It could’ve been very different. Consider the following:

  • Evolve has no in-game way to report a player or contact an admin.
  • Gamebreakingly laggy players aren’t automatically kicked unless their connection to the host times out.
  • Text chat isn’t censored in any way and can be spammed as fast as a player can type.
  • You need 4 on point Hunter players to win. If one of them is being really stupid (and I mean really stupid like Bucket-only-using-UAV-all-match-long stupid despite constant advice given to him) then I wouldn’t blame the remaining Hunters for wanting him to leave so the bot can do a 10x better job.
  • It’s very easy to troll in this game if you so desire. I could do any of the below right now if I wanted to:
  • Pick Wraith or Gorgon in Arena and play hide and seek all match long.
  • Flee til 3 in Hunt and then still keep hiding until the timer appears, at which point I’ll occasionally approach them very, very briefly to pause the timer.
  • Choose Trapper in Hunt, throw a missed dome as soon as we land to sabotage the team.
  • Walk into a plant or any other form of suicide/serious stupidity as soon as we start.
  • Grind masteries with 1 friend on the opposite team to help me out while the others are dead.
  • Farm strikes, wait for dropship, repeat. No intentions of ever finishing the last one off though.


in Public/QuickPlay/Ranked… I’m against this.

In private Customs…
We need a Private lobby option, and the host needs the ability to kick players.

(I’m trying to keep my posts short… because i have a tendancy to write essays)


Well said there people that have no mic and don’t head to the msgs ur sending about how to play med or trapper those are who id want to vote to kick.


Not for it in rank mainly cuz u shouldn’t be playing ranked with outta group anyways so there shouldn’t be the need to kick someone you choose to play with. But quick play yes there should be that option


Wait, you can ruin game for bad players…?


Yeah I didn’t see his point


Sorry to say it, but if any of those things ever occur and people are thoroughly annoyed… There’s nothing stopping them from just leaving the match. Sure, you might lose a few points in ranked - you weren’t winning anyway, might as well save yourself the time and just leave. Sure you may get a timer penalty for leaving, but what’s in a minute? Especially since that one minute just saved you from waiting until the troll gets bored (and matches can take up to 40 minutes if you really wanna piss someone off).

I can see why people think certain things can be annoying, but no one is forcing anyone to stay and play in such a state. You have options. Adding a feature that allows for even more abuse really isn’t going to solve anything.

This seems perfectly fair. Perhaps it would be wiser to turn customs into an “invite only” thing however. There’s no need to kick anyone who was invited to join in the first place. Especially considering that in order to join a custom match, you need to be friends with someone; why kick your friends?


I guess someone who doesn’t understand your language would fall into your category of “people to kick” as well. This would be discriminatory, sir.


Because some “friends” can turn into assholes.