Can this PC run evolve?


Got a friend with a fairly old PC. He’ll buy the game on PC if it can run it, but he’s not planning on upgrading it. So here comes the question. Can the PC run it…?

4GB Ram
Nvidia geforce gtx 560ti
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200B

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hmm, I don’t know. It would be a close thing.


If I have to guess, he may need more ram at least 8 GB total. Devs stated Evolve will run on new gen and last years gen GPUs. So he may need to upgrade his graphics card.


I would wait for the minimum specs to be released


tbh i would guess he’d probably be okay on low, depends on the resolution and how well it ends up being optimized though.
Hold off on pre-ordering, but definitely if there’s an open alpha / beta / demo at some point give it a shot and see what happens. :slight_smile:


Hahaha :L Upgrade the GPU? But thats the best component xD


I’m guessing your ram is kinda old too.
Your PC would have problems running Crysis 3 today, which uses the same engine as Evolve.

We are not sure if Evolve will have higher or lower spec requirements. I would wager either similar or higher since it is newer and is billed as a true next gen game. I would plan to upgrade in the future. However I agree with you, your GPU is probably the last thing you need upgrade. It will be good enough for low to med settings if next to an adequate CPU and other components.


I hope this shows up ok, since I inputted your specs. I’ve been using GameDebate for a prospective look at specs, however NO OFFICIAL listing of min specs. have been announced so you have to look at this with a grain of salt. It can give you a good idea of how your system will perform and what certain upgrades will do for you when you input different specs. in the boxes. According to this, and setting it to minimum specs. it looks as if the CPU is a little bit lacking but it MIGHT run Evolve on low quality. I also heard tell by a dev that if your PC can run Crysis 3 it will run Evolve.
Your friend’s specs, EVOLVE:

Your friend’s specs, CRYSIS 3:

*Scroll down and select System Requirement Type and click MINIMUM
I’m in a similar boat and am waiting for an official answer. These listed specs are not official (for Evolve) but guesstimations to go by. Sadly, we just won’t know until closer to launch, which kinda sucks because it holds me up from buying, especially if I have extra funds to do so around December/Jan. There are so many deals for Christmas as well, it may just be worth it to buy a new PC altogether, but we just don’t know. I hope the real specs get posted by November!