Can this idea grow into a game mode fun to play?


i d like criticism and stuffs on that one

so it s like a survival game mode or some kind of battle royale in which it starts normally as a hunt but when either side wins it stays on the map and another monster or hunter team goes on the map to fight the winner of the last round

the basic is this but i don t know if it can grow into something interesting to play


It kinda sounds like a quicker version of a round robin. Minus the switching of players.


this is tough because the monster at stage 1 is inherently too weak than hunters if they stick around after squashing a previous monster without the 30 second head start that drop-shipping in provides.


the monster is stage 3 and inherently too strong for hunters dropping into a map after previous hunter team gets squashed. The monster can easily drop ambush the hunters from the get go


Start the monster at stage 2 with no armor and no head start? Just put them on the other side of the map or something.


what about the games where the hunters won with 8 strikes, and half the people on the drop ship.
Or the one where a stage 3 monster barely wins, with just a tiny amount of health left, they cannot recover and defeat a fresh team.


I’d say it’d work for ps4 and xbox but not pc since the community is too small.

A L4D-esq survival mode would be pretty cool tho.