Can there be some sort of Wildlife guide?


During the loading screens there’s always these hints that pop up and several of them sometimes refer to the wildlife that you encounter. However most of the time I don’t know what creature goes to which name! There’s Megamouths, Slothbirds (or something?) I can’t remember many of them, but there’s quite a variety of creatures!

Sometimes the characters say what monsters are around as you run by them but I don’t always stop to look. So maybe in the final version there can be some sort of WildLife Guide on the main menu or something. OR add a picture of the creature by the hints when they mention it. Then we can really learn which creature is which.


That’s a good idea actually. Maybe to add a creature to the guide you have to ping it.

In the meantime though, there’s always this wildlife guide:

Needs a few things updating, but there’s plenty of info there about the wildlife.


Thanks for pointing out that Creature list that will help in the meantime!