Can there be a "kick off player" option?


Because there are some players who ruins the game by fooling around. One example is the trapper players they activate the dome thinking they caught the monster ,but they miss and the other teammates and myself are trying to let him know he/she missed.And they don’t take the dome down not sure if they don’t know how or they are being complete idiots, I had one player do that and all he/she did was hopping in front of me and my other teammates.
Second example is at times some players will just sit there and do completely nothing its a waste of time and a loss.
Hope you read this turtle rock studios.


This has been brought up before… but like many others have said, a kick player option would only result in more toxic behavior.

Oh you missed the dome? Get the fuq out of here, KICK


Yeah…And a lot of the time it’s because people don’t understand gameplay choices. The Medic and Trapper expect me to Amp their guns when they should be healing and CCing and my Railcannon does way more damage…


yeah, put the powers of kicking into the wrong hands and it gets annoying real quick


Definitely need the power to kick players. Usually it is the ones who don’t want the vote to kick option, are the ones who get kicked for not knowing what they were doing. After 500+ hours in L4D, I only saw it attempted to be abused a hand full of times – I’ll take that trade off. If you don’t know what you’re doing by level 40 in this game, then you should seek another genre.


Depends on how many people it took to kick them. It might be useful if 3 people had to say yes, bar the monster. You shouldn’t kick people for choosing someone other than Caira, Sunny/Hank, Crow/Griffin, or even someone other than Markov/Torvald.

I can see too many people kicking players because they play someone different than the mainstream hunters.


Thankfully there is no such option. It can be heavily abused in other games…

I do know how it feels to meet a troll though, one game we had a Laz just keep resurrecting a tyrant that kept attacking everyone.


Once again…I’ve played L4D and have rarely ever seen this get abused.

I understand people kicking for not picking a Hunter…but there needs to be something like a reputation meter. People kicking too often would be noted and have decreased capability to kick or something.

I’d be welcoming of a “rate your teammate” meter after each match. People who know each other could have a slightly different interaction setting. Something weighted that would help randoms that don’t synergize with your team to not be paired up with them…instead of that person staying in the same lobby and trolling you.

Maybe if there was a rating system that rotated them out if they didn’t work with your team, it could switch them to a different lobby que. It would help a single player not get bullied by a group of 3 or make it aware when that 1 person keeps getting down voted by different lobbies.


I have said it a lot before, but I am torn on the idea. I guess I would go with no there shouldn’t be an option, because l4D has scared me from having it. So many people got kicked for just about nothing in that game. Playing with random people was a nightmare at times.


Can you guys please clarify what your definition of abused is?

My definition of abused is trolling. In other words, going out of your way to kick someone mainly because you know the person and want to piss them off. Griefing. I’ve played over 5000 hours in Left4Dead 2 and only ran into a handful of these incidents.

Every other time it was used… was to kick someone because they sucked or because they wanted to get their friend(s) in. Very rarely did I see it used to kick griefers since most of the time, griefers left as soon as they finished doing whatever it was they were doing.

If you aren’t picking the main-stream Hunters… or you are absolutely terrible, they have every right to kick you. Why should you ruin 3 other Hunter’s experience just to satisfy your own experience? In any companies mindset… you should be going after the majority and not the minority.

Think of it like this. There are 4000 people playing… 1000 of them suck. Would you prefer to cater to the 1000 people that suck but ruin the other 3000 people’s experience, or cater to the 3000 people and ruin the 1000 people’s experience? It makes no sense ruining those 3000 people’s experience by forcing them to play with 1000 people that just don’t get it. You’ll slowly lose those 3000 people, and the 1000 anyways since they’re going to be bitched at and scared off.

I love playing Val more than a lot of people, but even i know that picking her is going to ruin things for other people so I pick her very rarely. Only when I’m confident in my team that put up with it, or I know the Monster isn’t going to be Kraken.

There is no nothing. They kicked you, for a reason. You either sucked, or they wanted a specific person in their game. Those are proper reasons to use the kick option. If you don’t like the reason, tough. You shouldn’t be able to ruin a majority of people’s experience just for your own sake. Either get better, or play with friends.

I would love a vote-kick option. A week or so ago… I remember that someone was trying to unlock every elite Hunter possible and they were currently on Bucket. We all asked him to not pick Bucket, go something else. He picked it and there was nothing we could do. All 3 of us were in dismay. Why should this one person enjoy their game at the expense of 3 other people not enjoying their game? I would have loved a votekick option there, hell I’m sure the other 2 Hunters would have loved that option too.


No I was kicked before in l4d because I wouldn’t take the weapon they wanted me to take. I have run into more people in l4d that kicked for almost no reason, than people who troll in evolve.

Vote to kick is not a good thing I used to play l4d with 2 or 3 friends, and we trolled with it before. We would kick people just to be jerks, and I have run into many other people who have done it to me, or others in my game. You must have had a full team in l4d, or a really lucky person because it was a nightmare for most I know.


I guess Left 4 dead is the only example I have from personal experience, just joining with douchebag players that vote to kick you with nothing to warrant it.


There was a reason. You didn’t like the reason.

So, 3(?) other people wanted you to play the way they wanted? You’d prefer if you got to play the way you wanted and screw the other people’s enjoyment then? Why should 3 other people cater to you? If they don’t like the way you’re playing, then they can kick you and find someone else they’ll enjoy playing with.

It’s a great thing. Lots of griefers/mic-spammers/friendly-fire spammers in L4D series.

Then you were terrible people and an outlier. In my 5,000 hours of both Campaign, Versus, and Confogl(competitive) I’ve ran into it a handful of times.

No you haven’t. Unless you made a name for yourself and everyone recognized you because you were a dick to them.

They had something to warrant it. You just didn’t like the reason.

Another example if World of Warcraft LFG tool. Idk about you, but when we got really bad Tanks/Healers/DPS, they were kicked because we couldn’t complete the dungeon with them. Sometimes, we couldn’t kick them because it was on cooldown from kicking the last guy. You either just waited for the cooldown to expire to kickt he new person, or you kept trying the dungeon but kept wiping.

Point is, allowing players to vote to kick is a great thing. Not having it is a bad thing. Because then the majority are having their experience ruined by the minority.


Yeah so joining a game, not even having a chance to play and having the prompt pop up almost instanly with a vote to kick means I did “something”. I mean I guess I was born, I suppose I ate breakfast, I joined their game? I guess if you are an asshole joining the game could warrant being booted? I guess the reason they used to warrant it is because they’re unreasonable dickheads.


Why should I do what they tell me to? I paid just like them. They are ruining my enjoyment. They could go find a new game just like I could. Its not like 90% of the time I am playing bad they just think they know best. You shouldn’t be told what weapons you have to use. Just like in evolve people would make you take a certain character.


Ok let me boot up my game and tape down m1. Enjoy being 1 player down random teams that join my lobby, or fighting a standing monster. Oh let me get a click macro so i can afk for 8 hours and still join games. All it takes is 5 minutes to find 1 on the internet.

Now you were saying something about toxic behavior?

Really, what would be wrong with an option to kick in the starting lobby at the very least. Oh and some alltalk too while we’re at it.


You did something. You joined the game. They could have kicked you for any of the following reasons:

  • They wanted a specific person. (Friend/Someone with a better name. You can tell a lot based off someone’s choice of name)
  • They wanted to do the game with a bot or 1 less person.
  • They didn’t like you but you didn’t recognize them.
  • They were just griefed/trolled and thought you were said person coming in under a different account/name.

Speaking of baseless unwarrantness(?)…

You all paid. You are all equal. However… they are 3. It’s very simple math. In a fire, would you try to save the single person stuck in their building, or save the 10 people stuck in their build. Their numbers make them worth more than you.

You are ruining their enjoyment and they are more people than you.

I’ll have to agree with you on this. A lot of people think they know best. Yes, it sucks when people tell you what to do, especially in a video game where you are trying to relax. It’s happened to me before. However, you either deal with it and play their way and suck it up. Thus, they enjoy it but you dont. Or you don’t deal with it, don’t suck it up and you try and enjoy it your way but they don’t enjoy it. In which, you’ll be kicked shortly after.

[size=16]The point…[/size]I’m trying to get across here is; You aren’t special. No one is. You want to enjoy your game? Fine. However, if you’re going to do it at the expense of others, then others should have the option of not playing with you so that they can enjoy the same exact game themselves. If that means putting in a votekick option over nothing (or a terrible idea. L4D2’s Steam Block) so be it.

I can be very patient and forgiving of people’s mistakes… but when people are so bad that they can’t land a single dome or refuse to listen… they are driving me(and other potential Hunters in dismay from said player) away. 3 > 1. Losing 3 players instead of 1 player is bad.


Alright, I’m not going to try to have this conversation any longer. If you have a game that is open to the public and you just kick people for whatever personal reason you might have, it makes you a jerk. If you need a spot open for your pal, make a private lobby, or if you forgot tell the person before you boot them. I see you just want to support that kind of poor sportsman play so I’m not going to try to convince you otherwise.

I sure as fuck wouldn’t be playing evolve if I joined a game as a medic and got insta-kicked as soon as I take over the bot for whatever piss-poor reason the three guys playing in the public game might have had.


I get that I am not special the point I am trying to make is why don’t they just get a 4th person? I want to play solo with randoms who don’t care, then people join and try to make me play how they want. They should just get a 4th person, why do I need to be punished for trying to play my way.

Vote to kick just hurts solo players who don’t want to always go all out. Yes L4D and Evolve are online games, but sometimes I like to play with people and not have to try so hard. Yes not being able to vote let’s trolls in, but at least solo players can play how they want without fear of kicks.

Both have there problems, but I will take no vote to kick anyday. If people really want perfect teams they should meet people who play like them, and make a full team. They shouldn’t be allowed to just force single players to do what they want.


Lots of great examples here why kickvotes are bad in public games. Some of these “reasons” are so terrible.