Can the TU9 Dropship timer be adjusted to go over 2 minutes


I agree that it’s unfair at 2 min constant but as it is monsters will have to get 12 strikes to get to the time it takes for new hunters to land as it is now. They’d also have to be at stage 3. To be real, if the monster can get 12 strikes on your team, especially with strikes affecting health as little as they do now, the monster should win with a shorter timer, roaching, even though they’re making it harder, could be even more of a problem.


They stated that 2 minutes is the cap. So no.


It may be the case that you could change the cap in the custom game options, they’ve not said.

Edit: wrong maths is wrong though. 8 strikes is likely to be the most you need to get while being stage 3 to max out the timer, meaning that you could be on only 6 strikes and during a fight pull that up to 8 and max out the timer.


Strikes or incaps? I believe it is based on incaps rather than strikes for Lazarus reasons.


U know like I know that they stated it was the cap I’m just saying it shouldn’t be.




I mean I did the math wrong but it isn’t 8 strikes its 11. It currently takes like 134 seconds to drop. 134-60=74. It takes 11 strikes if each strike adds 7 seconds. 7*11=77.


“Only six strikes” six is a lot of strikes.


I’m not really sure what you are saying? Are you suggesting it not be capped? The title of the thread and what you wrote is more of asking if it can and I answered that.


I honestly think 2 is a little much. I wish it was a 1 :45


2 evolves make it one minute, 60 seconds is never going to be more than 10 strikes, if it is 7 seconds it’s just over 7 strikes.

And when I say only, I mean in reference to your alleged 12. Also strikes will be easier to come by, expect 1 at stage 1 dome, as well as more strikes out of dome. This is what the devs have said.



If the monster Evolves, 30 seconds gets added to the dropship timer as well. So if monster is FT3 then hunters have a 1 minute dropship timer.

Strikes add 7 seconds, so 8 strikes means each Hunter has 2 strikes and the dropship is back at 2 minutes, roughly.

These dropship timer changes are to counter FT3 where the monster is a full blown tank, especially Behemoth. This means the monster needs to put strikes on hunters to win before S3.

You only need to worry about getting those strikes as monster, so FT3 is a real bad idea now. Behemoth will still be king of FT3 because of all his HP.


You are forgetting that they are syncing up the timer and the actual drop. So it’s still going to be shorter than it is currently.


Thats great news!


Please just think about the Dropship animation it adds time to before they drop a 2 minute timer is still going to be below the current.


The timer is being dropped to 1min 30 heuheuheu I