Can the hunters get a break?


Me and my friends are good at this game or were good… then the barrage of nerfs dating back over 6 months came. The dps by monsters is far more then what can be healed. The attacks come too fast and the jetpack has been destroyed ever since the adjustment to fix it came into play so there’s no dodging yet we still see nerfs… slim is pretty much unless now because his spore cloud (bubble…) is more of a highlight then it is camouflage. Every support except for sunny is pretty much useless if you want to have a chance of dodging especially against a kracken. The buffs in hunt are 100x better for monster then they are for hunters there’s no point in having them there for already overpowered monsters. If you don’t think this game favors monsters just look at the leaderboards where almost every monster has 2.00-10.00 win loss ratio on it


No they will not


Well they are suppose to be bosses, but the main idea of the community is that the hunter are actually having an advantage, with Hank and Sunny being the best supports, medics generally being good with Val being great (I believe), all trappers good, and all assaults good.
Also leaderboards aren’t the best to go by, usually it’s from people quitting games or grinding wins out in customs.


Most hunter teams are easy to beat because it’s 4 people trying to be as cohesive together as one monster. Monsters don’t suffer from miscommunication. The people on my team are my eyes, my ears, and my hands, and they’re always on the same page. if the support runs off and gets stealth pounced to death then your team is totally screwed. If i lose some health fighting a tyrant it’s nbd. Hunters are more OP than UP when you use them right, but only a few people can and they have to be all on the same team and they have to be all on the same page.


However when they are on point it makes a monster not able to even make a little progress.


Thought you out to see this.


exactly. a cohesive Hunter team with the right hunters is overpowered right now.



Well when four hunters know what they’re doing, then its a problem its basically four on one.


@Reptartar you are my hero, everything you have said I have been saying for months. Monsters get all the buffs and hunters get all the nerfs. Reason being is because half @$$ed monster players want buffs for monsters and the top monsters are just sitting back and laughing. It really is sad tbh, monster favored game.


Then what would you call The previous patches? Most if not all included nerfs for atleast one monster or more. If the game was so monster favored then why does pretty much everyone say its been hunter favored for a long time now. It’s been slowly equalizing however changes in the meta have caused issues the devs didn’t forsee. There has been very few hunter nerfs that didn’t include a buff to some other area to equalize. However monsters have been nerfed straight out with no boon for awhile. A good example is patch 5.0.


The day broken hill maps fell for me :disappointed: They were so much fun before the patch. Now its just a living hell for monster.


The Behemoth has been nerfed almost every single time he’s been touched on a patch since his release. Fissure got nerfed, LB got nerfed, S3 got nerfed, health and armor got nerfed, etc. Please don’t.


Jetpack management saves lives.

no medic should be able to straight up out heal the monsters damage. It would litterally make winning as monster impossible. Your team needs to dodge and use shields/terrain to bridge the gap between damage and healing rates.

On that note I agree kraken is currently slightly op and slim up.

Just gotta pick the right perks for your character, such as jetpack recharge instead of damage reduce as trapper. Then stack jetpack recharge with jetpack effectiveness, its pretty badass.
Also take out the ones that are good for monster when you see them. No need to leave that health regen or CDR for a stage 3 monster to pick up right?

Leaderboards are shite mate.

The current #1 wastlander Maggie on xbox has a w/l of over 15.0.
So does that mean that hunters are op, or that people boost their stats? Can’t have it both ways.


Uhh… Monsters are incredible UP compared to hunters, I mean, look at this thread: Nerf-tastic or this one: Is anyone else disappointed with all these monster nerfs? Is it because you won’t be able to shoot it once and have it die anymore? I agree that Kraken and Wraith need a tiny bit more changing, but most hunters (Except a few, like Slim and Lazarus are perfectly fine, you and your team just need more practice, not complain until it becomes impossible for anyone to play monster! Watch @SomewhatAwesome’s videos, he’s good with most hunters and monsters, and you could watch and learn tips from him


@10shredder00 The Stage is yours :wink:


how about instead of all of us posting on these threads, we just let them wither… I dunno… just a thought…


We could, but there are several things wrong with it. They’ll think we’re a bad community, they’ll think that they’re right, and a probably 1% chance of it being implemented in the game


In that case, I might advise us staying on topic :slight_smile:
I’ll keep an eye out.


He is talking about the hunt leaderboard, not the global leaderboard…

Whatever, atm, the hunters don’t have the right to do any mistakes, if they do one mistake against a good monster, it’s a loss.

On the contrary, monsters are able to do some mistakes during a game and still being able to get a win.

Anyway, nobody is right here, the only right thing to say is that the game is unbalanced. There are so many unbalanced aspects/problems that you can’t say something/someone is OP/UP, it’s globally unbalanced.

A balanced game would be like a close match in a good premade vs a good monster game. It’s almost never the case, even in competitive play.