Can the devs give us that map endgame screen back?

I always love that endgame map that shows how everyone moved that round. It helps me read some hunter’s movements. Can they reimplement them plz?


I had a visual glitch once and actually saw it for a few seconds before the current endgame post-match screen appeared.

I didn’t play Legacy put played alot of Alien Swarm and it was there too. It’s a cool feature. Would also vote to have it in S2.

4 out of 10 games it pops up for me

I want it 10 out of 10 games

Yes, please!

And perhaps a little library of past games where you can view the mini-map of those matches with stats.

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ah you are talking about that weird screen with some bars that appears from time to time? I always wondered what it was, and how to be able to see it or what that information meant.

Its quote on quote still there, sometimes you might see it for a fraction of a second after you complete a match.

I guess they’re not touching it until they’ve updated it to fit the new stage (it needs new icons for deployables and skills i believe)

It happens 10 out of 10 games while in Observer mode