Can the dev please stop giving new variants away for free?


Most of the variats that are released ,are giving away for free via daily reward. And not to drag the founder story in again , but that basicly also cancels out that we get them for free by suporting the game from its start.

I will give Bobcicle a pass but please , stop giving away new hunters for free and so early.

As with the punch cards, can you make it that you get a new free character at the month’s end , not 2 characters per month.


Your wish has been granted…they are done with Evolve bro


How do you mean?


Dev tracker, macman, you’ll see it


2K took Evolve into their hands and removed TRS’ involvement. I don’t think i’m ever not going to be salty about that. There will be no updates, so there is no need to continue suggesting things to TRS. All it will do is cause pain because nothing can be done.


2K is a head of you mate, no more variants. Evolve is ded.


Like watching Dora when she asks you a question


You know, I saw people mentioning Bobcicle was stupid cheap. I got him free, so I didn’t even think about it. I guess the low price tag makes sense now.


Suggestions/Bugs/Cheat & Hacker Reports should now be sent to 2K



We should get together and make an Evolve forum there. The ones that decide to stick around, I mean. Or is there one there already ? Cause I really really liked what we had going on here.


he is 26500 now


TRS is my home, I plan to stick around here. :slight_smile:


Roger that :slight_smile: